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UK Spouse and Partner visas

Expert guidance on entry visa,
switching from another category, extension after 2.5 years,
Indefinite Leave and British Citizenship.

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10+ years of experience & 1000s of successful cases

Specialist in Financial Requirement £18,600

Next-day service for in-UK applications

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OISC-accredited company at the highest level 3, ref F200800152

We keep up-to-date with the immigration rules - there is 75-page guidance just on the Financial Requirement £18,600

Advice session to explain visa rules - face to face, What's App, Skype, phone. If you choose email advice we provide information by next working day

Preparing a list of documents for your situation - all in one place including financial evidence, English and application procedure.

We ‘hold your hand’ throughout the whole process, so you have someone to turn to with your questions

Completing visa application forms

Advice fee of £100 counts towards the application

With next-day service we book an appointment and upload documents in time for it

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Frequently asked questions

To switch inside the UK you need to have a student or work visa in the UK. If you have a visitor status you have to return to your country and apply from there. With priority service the time spent abroad can be minimised so you don’t remain apart for too long.

Fiancé/fiancée visa is for 6 months without the right to work. You have to get married and apply for a Spouse visa. Spouse visa is for 30 or 33 months and allows to work. You need to be married. Switching inside the UK is possible from most UK visas, such as student visa, but not from a visitor status. Unmarried Partner visa is similar to Spouse visa. Instead of being married you need to have lived together for 2 years.

It’s the same for all the above options. Can be income from employment or self-employment in the UK, savings in the UK or abroad or other permitted sources (or combination). Savings amount is £62,500 and not £16,000 or £18,600 as it is often (wrongly) thought. We have a detailed page on Financial Requirement here,, after al, it is our speciality and we have unbeatable expertise.

By far the biggest challenge is to figure out what supporting evidence you need to provide based on your circumstances. When you start an application with us, the first thing we do is make a list of documents that is tailored to your situation and cover Financial, English and the rest – all in one place.

Applying outside the UK: standard service 3 months, priority 1.5 – 2 months. Applying inside the UK: standard service 2 – 6 months; next-day service – decision within 24 hours but appointments need to be planned in advance.

Contrary to the press telling Meghan Markle she could do so after 3 years in the UK (we hope she wasn’t listening), a spouse of UK citizen has to secure permanent residency first (Indefinite Leave to Remain) after 5 years and only then can apply for naturalisation. An unmarried partner has to wait for a year after ILR.

1st 4Immigration’s leading advice service will provide you with the information you need to decide how to proceed with your immigration case. A consultation costs a flat fee of £100 (incl. VAT). We offer very competitive fixed fees after that! All clear and transparent – our Fees page is here. 

Need to know more?

Time to arrange advice session - what is covered?

  • A chance to discuss your situation with an experienced adviser – not an automated service or unhelpful UKVI call centre
  • Explanation of relevant Immigration or Nationality Rules in plain language and with the use of real cases in our practice
  • Assessment of how you can meet the Rules. Very often a client can’t meet them now but can in 3-6 months
  • Answers to common questions, such as how much time you can spend outside the UK when on a Spouse visa
  • Advice on the application process and processing times
  • Reasonable follow-up questions
  • Action plan!