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Decision in 24 hours - Super Priority Service
Decision in 5 working days - Priority service

Most in-UK visa types are eligible:

Categories that are not eligible:

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  • OISC-accredited company at the highest level 3, ref F200800152
  • 10+ years of immigration experience and 1000s successful cases
  • Specialist in Spouse/Partner and Family visas with focus on Financial Requirement £18,600
  • Experts in Business and Work visas and settlement in those categories
  • We reply emails on same working day and we use What’s App / Skype for clients worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

24-hour Super Priority Service replaced a popular same-day service at the end of 2018. We advise on the visa requirements, prepare your case, complete application forms, upload your documents onto the Government system, book an appointment for biometrics and, generally, ‘hold your hand’ throughout the whole process. On the day of appointment you submit biometrics (fingerprints) at your local facility, which is just for the biometrics and not handled by the visa officers. After that your case it considered electronically by the Government officials at the Home Office ‘behind the scenes’, they are not seen or talked to, and they notify about decision by the next working day. Then a biometric visa card (BRP) arrives a few days later. 

Our How It Works page describes this process in detail.

Applications inside the UK: as above, this service is available to many categories, including ILR in most routes (but not all) and in-UK applications for spouses, partners and parents of UK citizens in the standard 5-year route (but not in 10-year route).  

Applications outside the UK: available to most non-settlement applications, such as Visitor or Tier 2. In theory, it is available to Tier 1 migrants and business people but in practice it usually takes longer. 

This Priority Service works in the same way as above but takes 5 working days instead of 24 hours. 

These are for spouses, partners, fiancees, parents and other family members of British citizens to come to the UK with the view to settle. There is a Priority service in most countries but it takes up to 30 working days. It is, however, still faster than standard consideration of 3 months. 

If you plan to use Priority services, you will be charged extra in Government fees with 24-hour service being the most expensive. We do not charge additional legal fees (only our standard service fee). 

Depending on your situation, there may be a slot tomorrow or in the next 4 weeks. Also, you may not have to have an appointment before your current visa expires because your status is based on application, not appointment. For more help with timing your application, please Book a consultation. 

Under the current system (new from November 2018), the appointments are only for biometrics (fingerprints) before your case is considered by the Government officials remotely (usually in Sheffield). Since there is no face-to-face or other direct interaction with the UKVI visa officers anymore, these appointments are available at the visa centres all over the UK and can be close to you.  It can be a local library, a core centre such as in Croydon or Manchester, or a designated facility, such as in the City of London. 

Important! The new core centres, such as in Croydon or Manchester, are run by a commercial partner, ie ‘visa centres’. These are not Government facilities, as used to be in Croydon or Liverpool (there is a different address in Croydon, it is not Lunar House anymore). There is no direct interaction with the visa offices anymore, they consider all cases remotely.  You can, however, choose a location very close to you, which makes it more convenient and saves time!

Very important! The process described here was changed in relation to the visa application process but not eligibility rules. So, all the visa rules remain the same, such as Financial Requirement £18,600, English language tests, Tier 2 salary rules and so on. What changed is how you apply. 

As above, you have to come to your chosen visa centre to submit biometrics (fingerprints).  After that your case will be considered remotely by the Government officials (usually in Sheffield). 

Speed! If your visa category is eligible,  such as Spouse / Partner visa, you have a choice of using standard or a Priority service. The eligibility rules and supporting documents are the same. The difference is timing. With standard service, it can take 6 months for permanent residency (ILR) application and 2-3 months for non-ILR application. Outside the UK, it takes up to 3 months for settlement and 3 weeks for non-settlement applications. 

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