Online OISC Level 1

Immigration training and CPD

Online livestream course on Zoom & Skype

1st 4Immigration Ltd is one of the most experienced immigration companies in the United Kingdom. We have been in business for over 10 years. Our OISC reference is F200800152, in which 2008 stands for the year of accreditation. We were selected to take part in the BBC documentary Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?

We provide online immigration training to current and prospective immigration professionals including immigration advisers, solicitors and HR workers. We are not The OISC and not affiliated with the government. Our courses are CPD-accredited by The CPD Standards Office, reference 80001.  

We use plain language and do not simply quote the Immigration Rules. We include examples from our practice and answer common questions. We keep our training as entertaining as possible!

  • Online training is streamed live on Zoom or Skype over 2 days (dates below) from 10.00 to 16.00 with breaks.
  • Presented by our 'star' Immigration Lawyer, Jules Motcho, who practices at OISC Level 3 and who took part in the above-mentioned BBC documentary.
  • After the course we will email you a test (mock assessment) to complete in your own time. If you wish to claim 10 CPD hours towards your OISC or SRA credit, you need to score 70%.

Online self-study course

This is a text-based course, in which we put together our knowledge and 10+ years of experience in one PDF file. All in one place! It contains approximately 130 pages and is regularly updated, depending on the changes in the UK immigration law, such as Brexit provisions and visa concessions due to Coronavirus. You can download this course and study in your own time, in any other location, from any device. You can cover it section by section or skip to a subject of most interest to you. You get to keep this very useful material and can use in your future work. We teach how to use the Immigration Rules rather than just quote them, so whenever the rules change (and they change a lot), you will know how to keep your knowledge up-to-date. 

  • Download the course material after the payment.
  • Study in your own time from any computer or smartphone. This course contains approximately 130 pages in PDF format.
  • Take the test (mock assessment).
  • You need to score 70% if you wish to claim CPD hours towards your OISC or SRA credit.