Training Course Terms and Conditions

1st 4Immigration Ltd is a practicing immigration company and accredited by the OISC to provide immigration services to the migrants. We also provide training to other current and prospective immigration professionals on a for-profit basis. We are not The OISC and not affiliated with any government organisation. We provide training on the immigration law which helps prepare for the OISC assessment and accreditation but training itself does NOT guarantee OISC accreditation. You will have to pass a ‘real’ OISC exam and meet all other accreditation requirements.

By agreeing to these conditions you agree and accept that all our course materials, and any associated materials or information with it, are copyright and intellectual property of 1st 4Immigration Ltd. You agree not to re-sell, not to copy, not to advertise or otherwise not to re-use it (except for your own personal studies) without the appropriate permission from 1st 4Immigration Ltd. Such permission is at discretion of 1st 4Immigration Ltd.

By agreeing to these conditions (which are offered before you book and pay for our training), you confirm that you have read the Contents and/or the Course Agenda (or a similar description provided) of your chosen course or training material and confirm this is the subject(s) you would like to study or be taught, regardless of how much knowledge and/or experience you may already have on the given subject(s). There will be no refund on the basis that you happened to know the information covered by the course. To avoid a misunderstanding, for the mutual benefit, we offer the detailed description of each course on our website.

By agreeing to these conditions you accept that this is a provision of the training, which helps to prepare for a professional body accreditation or helps to achieve credit towards Continuing Professional Development hours or helps with professional development in general. You accept the course does not guarantee any professional accreditation, such as with the OISC or SRA or similar. You acknowledge that obtaining or continuing professional accreditation is your own responsibility.

We reserve a right to cancel the classroom training events due to the circumstances, such as adverse weather or the circumstances beyond our control. We also reserve a right to cancel the classroom training events if we have not been able to book the minimum number of attendees, as decided by us, for the date in question. In this case a full refund of the course fee will be given. There will be no responsibility for a consequential loss, such as travel expenses. We also reserve the right to finish our classroom events earlier than advertised as long as the advertised material has been covered in full. We estimate the training time based on our experience, the knowledge and the average number of questions of the attendees, therefore, the actual duration of the training on the given day(s) may fluctuate accordingly (but the advertised agenda will be covered in full).

Your right to cancel the online courses: when you have paid for an online course you will get the link to the file emailed to you. If you do not click the link then you can cancel within 14 days of payment, as per the consumer rights legislation. If you do click on that link you will be expressing your consent for the product (in this case an online course material, usually a PDF file) to be supplied. By clicking the download link for any of the files you will lose your right to cancel.

Your right to cancel classroom courses: you can cancel your booking within 14 days from the date of payment for the event and obtain a full refund of the course fees to us with the following exceptions as per the consumer rights legislation: – if you have attended the event within that period (ie before the 14 days elapse) a full amount of the fees paid to us will be withheld by us. – if you have been emailed the training material within that period a partial fee of £399+VAT will be withheld by ourselves.

If you are cancelling your booking after the 14 days cancellation period but before the event’s date (in this case ‘cancelling’ includes being unable to attend): if you cancel at least 5 working days before the event there will be a full refund of our course fees; after that the fee of £100+VAT will be withheld unless the training material has already been emailed to you in which case a fee of £399+VAT will be withheld.

Training materials: we reserve the right to determine when it is appropriate to provide with the training materials and the materials are not guaranteed. There is no obligation or promise from us to provide the material before the classroom training starts. When the material has been promised, it may reflect the material used during the classroom event (or may be in a different form), and will be provided to the attendees within 7 working days after the event.

All training materials and the educational information provided by ourselves is copyright of 1st 4Immigration Ltd and can’t be used without explicit permission from 1st 4Immigratoon Ltd, in writing. To secure such permission please contact us, although such permission will be at our discretion.

1st 4Immigration Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 07159371.
Registered address: 202 Wilson Tower, 16 Christian Street, London, E1 1AW. VAT no 120733355. Office address: 68 King William Street, City of London, London, EC4N 7DZ.

1st 4Immigration Ltd may choose to contract the running of its services and/or collect payments, on behalf of 1st 4Immigration Ltd, to Multi Travel Visas Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, company number 06478902, VAT no 117063245. Registered address: 202 Wilson Tower, 16 Christian Street, London, E1 1AW. Office address: 68 King William Street, City of London, London, EC4N 7DZ.