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UK Work Visa
under new
Points-Based System

British employers are waiting! Better, easier and more flexible rules from December 2020

The new Points-Based Immigration System applies from December 2020, a whole month earlier than official Brexit. Skilled Workers still need a job offer from a UK employer (Sponsor) and UK businesses still need a Sponsor Licence. The process for a licence, however, has been made significantly faster, mainly due to abolishing of Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT), so British employers don’t have to advertise a job to resident workers before hiring a foreigner. The whole work visa system has been made easier than ever. We didn’t think we’d be saying that after 10 years of draconian Tier 2 rules!

How to find a Sponsor? This is a simplified summary, for details please book our advice session on this link. 

Option 1 – most popular: come to the UK on another visa, such as Student or Tier 5 YMS (“working holiday”), do some work, and secure a job offer from a company that is willing to sponsor you for the longer term. If they don’t have a Sponsor licence yet, we can help them to apply for it. You can work part-time on a Student visa, full-time on Tier 5 YMS.

Exciting news about the return of a Post-Study Work visa! International students, graduating from summer 2021, will be able to switch from Tier 4 visa (or a new Student visa) to the revived post-study work visa. You will be able to remain in the UK and work for 2 years – without sponsorship! PSW visa doesn’t count or lead to settlement but it gives you a brilliant opportunity to secure a Sponsor and switch to a Skilled Worker visa afterwards. Or to use these 2 years to qualify for an Unmarried Partner visa, another very common step after a Student visa. 

Help for UK employers: we have vast experience in helping small and medium-size employers to hire a migrant worker. We can work with you and your employer at the same time, from analysing a job (whether it qualifies) to Sponsor Licence application and all the way to the actual visa. Start from booking our advice session here (you can include your employer), we work over WhatsApp, Zoom, email etc. We help clients of all nationalities based anywhere in the world and employers anywhere in the UK.   

Option 2: You can apply for jobs from abroad in most in-demand occupations, such as IT workers, web-designers, graphic designers, engineers, architects, artists, almost all scientists,  teachers (especially maths, physics, computer science and Mandarin) and many others. The occupation list has been expanded greatly and it is the biggest change in the work visa system that so many jobs can now be offered in the UK. If you are a medical professional, such as a doctor or a nurse, there is also Health and Care Visa. If your Sponsor doesn’t have a licence yet, we can help to obtain it.

Book a consultation here over WhatsApp, Zoom or email to discuss your situation one-to-one with an Immigration Lawyer

We can help to obtain it! 1st 4Immigration is one of the most experienced companies in the UK Work visas law sector. We have a fantastic successful track record of helping small and medium-size employers to hire migrant workers, be it someone who worked for them previously (while on Tier 4, Student or Tier 5 visa) or someone they are inviting from overseas. We can work together with the migrant and their employer at the same time, from analysing a job (whether it qualifies) to a licence application and all the way to the actual Skilled Worker visa, Health and Care visa and others. 

We also offer compliance services while a company is holding a Sponsor Licence. We know the rules well – we had our own Sponsor Licence for 8 years. We know at first hand what it feels like when a Government official turns up for an unannounced inspection! 

Start from booking our advice session here, whether you are a worker or an employer, or you can do a joint consultation together. We offer online consultations over WhataApp, Zoom, Skype, email. We help clients and employers of all nationalities in all locations. 

Under the new Points-Based Immigration System from December 2020, a British business can sponsor migrant workers to perform jobs at RQF Level 3 or above. Level 3 is the UK ‘A Level’, it is lower than pre-Brexit Level 6 (degree level). This is a level of job offered, duties a worker is performing, it is not a level of the worker’s qualifications.

The new blanket minimum is down from £30,000 to £25,600 per annum. It is still, however, subject to the ‘going rate’ for your occupation code, whichever is higher. Unless you are eligible for a lower, Entrant Salary, such as if you are switching from a Student visa. Or unless you can ‘trade’ the salary points for a job on shortage occupation list or for having a PhD relevant to the job. Or unless you can change the working hours. The new PBIS does offer a room for manoeuvre but you have to get the points on salary exactly right! 

There will be no separate salary threshold for settlement (Indefinite Leave). 

To discuss your situation, book an online consultation on this link, we work over WhatsApp, Zoom, email. 

Switching from Tier 4 Student visa remains possible, same for switching from a new Student visa that replaced Tier 4.  You would also qualify for a New Entrant salary level. If you have a UK company willing to sponsor you for a Skilled Worker visa, it is a good option because this category leads to settlement in the UK after 5 years. If you don’t have a Sponsor, a post-study work visa is expected to make a comeback in the summer 2021, which would allow working in the UK for 2 years without sponsorship (but won’t count to settlement). 

To discuss your situation, please book a consultation with us here. 

This is one of the most common requests we have dealt with in the past 10 years! How do I switch from Tier 2 ICT to a visa that leads to settlement in the UK?

The new Points-Based Immigration System makes it possible. You can switch anytime as long as your Sponsor (current or future) is wiling to support such a move. They don’t have to advertise your job, or wait for 12 months cooling-off period, or wait for a restricted certificate. You/they can switch inside the UK and start counting ‘your’ 5 years towards settlement. 

To discuss your situation one-to-one with an Immigration Lawyer, book an online consultation here.  

Another welcome change in the new Points-Based System. You can now switch from Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme (working holiday) visa to a Skilled Worker visa. While remaining in the UK, continuing to work (without interruption). Your employer (Sponsor) doesn’t need to advertise your job to settle workers or wait for a restricted certificate. Just switch! Subject to the points and the right salary. 


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