Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa interviews

Complete guide by UK immigration entrepreneurs. We are UK immigration lawyers and world-class business plan writers. If you become our client, we will provide a version of this document with the answers.

About you – general

1.     How many times have you visited the UK?

2.     What was the purpose of those visits?

3.     How many relatives do you have in the UK? Where are they, are you planning to visit them?

4.     Will you be applying for settlement or returning to your country of origin?

5.     When was the last time you visited the UK?

6.     Was this application completed by you?

7.     Have you ever been in breach of immigration laws?

About you – qualifications/experience

1.     What experience do you have in running this type of business?

2.     Are you educated in this field?

3.     Why do you want to do this business?

4.     What due-diligence have you performed in regards to starting a business in the UK?

5.     Are you applying as part of a team? (How did you meet your partner?)

6.     What will your role be in the business?

7.     What is your current job?

8.     What is your exit strategy if this idea doesn’t work out?

Business Plan – general

1.     Who wrote your business plan?

2.     What evidence do you have that your services are required?

3.     What insurances will you need to operate your business?

4.     What kind of premises will you need?

5.     What is the minimum wage in the UK?

6.     Can you briefly explain your business plan to me?

7.     What is your marketing strategy and how will you market your business?

Business Plan – research

1.     How much profit will you make per sale?

2.     Can you tell me about your competition?

3.     What part of the UK do you intend to start your business in?

4.     Why did you choose this location?

5.     How will you support your family whilst the business is still new?

6.     What advantages does your business have over the competition?

7.     What profit will you make in the first year?

Financial plan  

1.     Who is funding the business?

2.     Where did the money come from?

3.     Is the money held in the UK or overseas?

4.     How will you invest the money?

5.     How long has the money been in your possession?

6.     What is the VAT threshold for this year?

7.     What are your start-up costs?

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