Advice for UK employers

Sponsorship guidance for British employers. Hire and sponsor migrant workers under the new Points-Based Immigration System. Faster, easier, better!

The 1st step in sponsoring (employing) migrant workers is a Sponsor Licence. Your business now needs it to employ people from both the EU and outside the EU, and the same visa rules apply to everyone. 

If an employer does not have a Licence, they can apply for it and our company can help with the application and the entire process. Very often we are approached by a migrant (often on a Student or Tier 5 visa in the UK), whose employer is willing to sponsor them for a work visa.  The process has been made faster due to abolition of a resident labour test (no need to advertise a job to settled workers anymore) and removal of annual limit (no need to wait for a restricted certificate).  

Once the company has a Sponsor licence, it will be placed on the Register of Sponsors (Employers) and will have access to the Sponsor Management System. Sponsor Licence is issued for the company, in general, not for a specific employee.  Now a company can request certificates of sponsorship and assign them to each employee to enable them to apply for the actual work visa. 

We can work with an employer, a worker or both. You can also book an online consultation with us and both participate in it via Zoom, WhatsApp etc.