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Schengen, Russian, Saudi, Kazakh, Chinese, Indian & Worldwide Travel Visas.

Our sister company is Multi Travel Visas Ltd and based at the same office in The City. It assists with Schengen visas to France, Germany and Portugal plus with Russian visas and invitations as well as visas to China, India, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Multi Travel Visas can also assist with a fast renewal of a British passport using same-day Premium service or 1 week Fast-Track service.

It was featured in The Mail on Sunday national newspaper, in the Western Daily Press newspaper and most recently on The Mail on Sunday website in 2010 here.

SCHENGEN VISAS for business and tourism:

Multi Travel Visas Ltd has been accredited by French and Portuguese Embassies in London as well as by the official visa centres to assist with Schengen visas.

  • FRENCH SCHENGEN VISA takes 4 working days for most nationals (from the date of appointment). Our appointments are for accredited agencies only and can be much sooner than the public appointments.
  • PORTUGUESE SCHENGEN VISA takes 1 week from submission on Wednesdays.
  • GERMAN SCHENGEN VISA takes 5 working days for most nationals (from the date of appointment).
  • RUSSIAN VISAS and INVITATIONS: work, business and tourism.
  • CHINESE VISAS: we are accredited with the visa centre and do not require appointments to submit your application.
  • INDIAN VISAS including same-day business visas.
  • Various other visas: Saudi Arabia, Sri-Lanka, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Azerbaijan and many other countries.

Email or for more information, visit Multi Travel Visas.