OISC Level 1 course

Study online in your time! Our popular training material explains the Rules and terms in plain language. With case studies and examples from our own practice over more than 15 years.  

Online self-study course

This is a text-based course, in which we put together our knowledge and 15 years of experience in one PDF file. All in one place! It contains approximately 130 pages and is updated, depending on the changes in the UK immigration law. You can download this course and study in your own time, in any other location, from any device.

  • Download the course material after payment.
  • Study in your own time from any computer or smartphone. This course contains approximately 130 pages in PDF format.
  • Take the test (mock assessment).
  • You need to score 70% if you wish to claim CPD hours towards your OISC or SRA credit.