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  • We charge fixed fees for our services, so you know the cost in advance! Official Government fees and similar charges have to be added on top of our fees, and you can pay them directly to the authorities.

    We are a "mid-level fee" small company, specialising in UK family and work migration since 2008. We keep fees as low as possible. We are respected by clients and colleagues for our in-depth technical knowledge of UK Immigration Rules and “details”, which can make or break your case. We were the only small company amongst the "big guys" in 2019 BBC documentary, yet our case went the smoothest! We focus on quality to get your visa approved the first time. We always respond on the same business day and generally, work as fast as possible.

    Although we are in London, we serve customers wishing to come to the UK from anywhere in the world. We also welcome customers and businesses located anywhere in the UK for applications to remain in the UK, such as switching a category, extension, settlement. We work using What's App, Skype, Facebook, emails; and if you prefer a personal interaction, you are always welcome to visit our office!

    VAT (sales tax 20%) applies to most items below but NOT entry visas for residents outside the UK/EU.
Entry visa to come to the UK. VAT tax doesn’t apply to residents outside the EU. £1,250  

Switching from another category, extending or ILR, 5 and 10-year routes.

Spouse visa after Fiancee visa was done through us.  



What’s included? We will tell you exactly what documents you need, prepare online application, check and submit documents, guide on biometric appointment process, “hold your hand” throughout the whole process, answering all queries.   

Tier 2 Package 1 including help to find a Sponsor: introduction to specialist recruitment agencies in the UK, validation of an overseas degree (if required), applying for professional membership (if required, such as for architects), advising your potential employer (type of vacancy, salary etc),  visa application. VAT tax doesn’t apply to residents outside the EU.
If your employer also needs a licence – add £1,000.


Tier 2 Package 2 if you have a Sponsor or prospective Sponsor: see below, depending whether the company has a licence or not.  £1,000 – £2,000
Tier 2 visa application for extension in the same job or for ILR. £1,099
Package 1 if a company has no licence: Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor licence, analysing vacancy (type, salary etc), requesting a certificate (restricted or unrestricted), advertising a job if required, visa application. £2,000
Package 2 if a company has a licence: adding a certificate (restricted or unrestricted), analysing vacancy (type, salary etc), advertising a job if required, visa application. For more than 2 workers – please contact us. £1,500
Package 3 if a company has a licence and has already assigned a certificate: visa application, checking certificate and support to complete the process of a worker securing Tier 2. This is also a fee for ILR application.  £1,099
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent: endorsement and initial application together.  £1,500
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent: extension or ILR. £1,099
UK Ancestry visa: entry, extension or ILR. £1,099
Tier 5: entry, extension (where allowed). £1,099
Dependants applying at the same time as main or separately. £399 or £1,099
Tier 1 Entrepreneur: extension or ILR. £3,500
Tier 1 Investor: entry, extension, ILR. VAT tax doesn’t apply to residents outside the EU. £3,500
Compliance support while you hold a Tier 1 visa. £1,000 per year
Representative of Overseas Business: entry, extension, ILR.  £1,099
Start-up or Innovator including a business plan and endorsement. VAT tax doesn’t apply to residents outside the EU.

Business plan only:
Start-up visa 
Innovator visa

Entry visa, extension, switching from another category.  £1,099
Doctorate Extension Scheme. £1,099 

Initial consultation and online application for settled or pre-settled status. £150 
Further submissions if you disagree with the online decision. Further £150
Applications for those who cannot use the new system. £750-900 
British Citizenship. £600
British Citizenship – 2 spouses applying together. £1,000
British Citizenship 2 parents and a child applying all together. £1,250
Registration born before 1983. £600

ILR 10 years of residence. £1,099
Private Life. £1,099
Visitor visa. VAT tax doesn’t apply to residents outside the EU. £750  
Renewal of ILR card
For other types please contact us