Business Plan

For UK visas or funding from investors

Prepared by expert Immigration Entrepreneurs

We are UK’s #1 Business visa one-stop shop: immigration lawyers and business plan writers under one roof! We help to obtain an endorsement and secure a UK business visa.

We have a wide network of affiliated professionals to set you up in business: accountants, web-designers, bankers, employment lawyers and many others. We help with:

  • UK Start-up visa
  • UK Innovator visa
  • Funding from a bank, investor or venture capital fund or an accelerator programme from your endorsing body 

Why choose 1st 4Immigration?

  • OISC-accredited immigration firm at the highest level 3
  • 10+ years of immigration experience and 1000s successful cases
  • Specialist in business visas – we are Immigration Entrepreneurs
  • We work directly with our clients (visa applicants) and we also write plans for the clients of other immigration lawyers.
  • We reply emails on the same working day and work with WhatsApp and Zoom with clients worldwide.

How we can help:

  • Business plan for a fixed fee in 2 - 3 weeks!
  • 100% compliance with UK visa rules.
  • We have successfully worked with businesses in IT and digital technology, engineering, manufacturing, food, sport events, health & beauty, consultancy, lifestyle, nanotechnology, marketing, export/import.
  • Start-up and Innovator visas particularly welcome applicants with ideas in applying the digital technology to financial, food, health and other services as well as pharmaceutical and biochemical innovations.
  • We have worked with clients from all over the world: India, China and Hong Kong, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Middle East
  • Initial consultation on visa rules – email, Zoom, WhatsApp. If you choose email advice we provide information by next working day.

Frequently asked questions:

2 – 3 weeks.   

This is a general example, your own business plan will also have characteristics relevant to your endorsing organisation’s requirements. Some require you to sign up to their accelerator programme, others need specific solutions to their corporate clients (usually the use of technology in finance), some insist on investing in your business for % of shares. 

Executive summary.

About you (experience, training).

About your business in the UK (products/services, market research, customers, pricing, promotion, location, licences). How it meets the criteria of Innovation, Viability and Scalability.

People, including creating jobs for settled workers. Although it is not a requirement for all business visa applicants anymore, it remains one of the most used criteria to qualify for settlement in new Innovator category. 

Power team (professionals you need, such as accountant, insurance provider, employment/business lawyer, IT support).

Financial plan (how you invest money in your business, cashflow forecast).

Yes.  If your business is outside the UK, we can use it to show you have successful business experience. If your business is in the UK, you can use it for the purpose of your Innovator visa (formerly Tier 1 Entrepreneur), or you can use it to show you have business experience, even though you may be developing a yet another UK business when you have your visa. 

Full range – we are a one-stop shop: business plan, endorsement, visa. If you choose to do the whole package, it offers best value due to discounts for multiple services.