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About us

1st 4Immigration Ltd is an OISC-regulated company based in the City of London. We are one of the most experienced and prominent immigration law companies, with the legal expertise at the highest OISC Level 3.

We have been in business for more than 10 years! Our OISC reference number is F200800152, in which 2008 stands for the year of accreditation. We have seen a great deal of changes in UK visa rules, such as development of the Points –Based System (Tiers) in 2009, Spouse/Partner rules’ overhaul in 2012, and now Brexit.  

Our lawyers advise on the UK Immigration Rules, help with visas to come and remain in the UK and with British Citizenship. We also provide training to immigration advisers and solicitors, and are accredited for CPD. If you choose to apply for a visa through us, you will benefit from our wealth of knowledge!

The office is conveniently located near Monument and Bank Underground stations, close to Liverpool Street and London Bridge. We conduct face-to-face consultations and meetings. We also work extensively with clients all over the world over email, Skype, phone and post.

1st 4Immigration team is very diverse! Each one of us has been through UK immigration process, as a migrant or family member.  (On a humorous note, even the founders’ pet dog is half-Russian. His father, a schnauzer, was imported to the UK from St. Petersburg, we assume he arrived on a Spouse visa!)   

1st 4Immigration Limited is incorporated in England and Wales, company number 07159371, VAT number 120733355. Registered address 202 Wilson Tower, 16 Christian Street, London, E1 1AW.

Office address and address for all correspondence and appointments: 68 King William Street, London, EC4N 7DZ.

Our history

Today, 1st 4Immigration Ltd is authorised by The Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), ref no F200800152. Our expertise is assessed to be at the highest level – Level 3.

Information about our classroom and online immigration training and CPD can be found here.

After years of travelling, having to apply for visas and also helping friends with visas, Natalia founded a visa company in 2005. It later became Multi Travel Visas Ltd (www.multitravelvisas.co.uk), which is now one of just a few companies in the UK registered with Schengen Embassies in London and assists with French and other Schengen visas as well as with the visas to Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, China and many other countries.

In 2005 Western Daily Press newspaper ran a story about us and a local BBC radio station did the same, having read our story in the above newspaper.

Offering UK visas and Citizenship service seemed a natural further step. Most clients of Multi Travel Visas Ltd are foreign nationals who live or work in the UK, so, naturally, they need UK visas as well. Even now, the majority of our business comes by referral from clients.

One of the major national newspapers, The Mail on Sunday, featured us (under an earlier business name) in their Travel section with advice on American visas in 2004, just as the US visas started becoming more and more complicated. We of course kept copies of all papers.

The company was founded by Natalia and Wayne Andrews, a British – Russian couple. Natalia is a Managing Director, she holds dual British and Russian nationality. Her knowledge and experience began with her own immigration and travel experiences and has now grown with many years of successful business with the sister company, Multi Travel Visas Ltd (www.multitravelvisas.co.uk).

Natalia came to the UK in 2003 on a Fiancée visa to marry Wayne, then applied for a Spouse visa, then a Permanent Visa (ILR) and eventually, British Citizenship.

What our clients love about us