“I have recently graduated and am very new to this sector. Many of the skills and documents/ regulations that are useful to master and understand in order to succeed in this field are not yet in my scope. As a result, it would be easy to be overwhelmed or intimidated by the large amount of information introduced ion this course. Thanks to Daniels instructions this was not my experience. The course was well presented and paced. The information that was overly technical or would benefit from personal and more careful study was noted but avoided. Where real life examples from Daniels experience could be employed in order to elucidate complicated sections, Daniel provided this. At all points, Daniel asked if I had questions and if I was following, as well as asking questions sporadically to ensure that I was paying attention. All hew questions that I asked were answered and I have been provided with details in order to follow up with any further questions by both email and telephone. Finally, Daniel was friendly and accommodating. I was hot beverages, refreshments and a free lunch. I have no complaints and only enjoyed a good experience.” Mazda, who attended our OISC Level 1 training course in June 2017

“I attended the two days weekend OISC Level 1 training, it was conducted very professionally and as promised the content was simplified and easy to understand. The course was well structured and well organised and the trainer went through the content at a steady pace with room for questions. Daniel, our trainer made us all feel completely at ease to ask any questions, however basic or silly they seemed. The facilities at the venue are great and you even get a lunch voucher on the first day. Notes are provided so you can study them before and/or after the course. I enjoyed my training and left happy and satisfied with no cause for complaint. I look forward to further training with 1st 4immigration.” Saima, who attended our OISC level 1 training course in February 2017

"I want to thank you for the OISC Level 1 training provided me with, it exceeded my expectations and could not have been any better considering I had a limited amount of knowledge in this subject area, the way in which she presented the course with real life case studies made the training easy to understand, your training was very thorough and professional she was very approachable and answered all of my questions, not only did she provide me with training she also provided me with timely and helpful advice. For anyone considering the OISC Level 1 training in the future I would definitely recommend 1st 4immigration. Thank you". This came from Tanya, who attended our OISC Level 1 training course in September 2015.

"Really good to be able to talk about practical issues around delivering PBS service." Sally who attended our PBS training course in May 2015.

“A brilliant presentation by your staff team. We can see they love immigration! Congratulations!” Pedro, a company director, London.

“I work in the immigration field, mostly with EEA, Fiancée and Spouse visas. When a client wanted a advice that involved Points Based System, I used to find very difficult because of my lack of understanding on this area. However, the course gave me awareness of the legislation and taught me how to find what I need on the UKVI website. It you want to have a big picture of how immigration in the UK works, I definitely recommend the course. Furthermore, the material given to us is fantastic!!” Mariana who works for a solicitors’ firm in London.

"Points-Based System teaching was excellent". Sanobar, who attended our OISC Level 1 training in January 2015.

"Thanks for making it easy to comprehend by using actual experience and casework." Melany, who attended our OISC Level 1 training in January 2015.