Our tutors are our very own OISC-accredited practicing immigration advisers. They handle real cases during the week and teach on the courses' days, sharing their "still hot" prcatical experience and constantly facing new case studies, which they also use to teach our students. 

1st 4Immigration advisers/lawyers successfully handled the following immigration applications:

Entry Clearance for spouses, partners and fiancees, including where applicants were using employment, self-employment (sole trader and limited company) for the Financial Requirement as well as using savings and rental income. Plus for those who are exempt.

Switching to a Spouse/Partner visa inside the UK - FLR(M). Including for those switching from Tier 4 and Tier 1 Post-Study Work visas. Including those extending their visas under the ‘Old Rules’ and switching under the current Rules from 9 July 2012. Used both postal and same-day services.

Indefinite Leave to Remain SET(M) including using the new English languages rules (new from October 2013) and new criminality rules (new from December 2012).

Visas for other family members, such as dependent children coming with the foreign partner. Or for children who turn 18 yo while in the UK.

Tier 1, Tier 2 and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) based those. We routinely process applications for Tier 1 General extensions and ILR where an applicant is self-employed (sole trader or limited company) or both or receives allowances or otherwise has something not as common as most applications. We regularly deal with Tier 2 applications and have our own Tier 2 Sponsor Licence.

Tier 4 Student and applications following that, such as Tier 2, another Tier 4, FLR(M) or EEA2.

Other Points-Bases System work, such as assisting with a Sponsor Licence, assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), requesting extra allocation of certificates, dealing with a restricted certificate, helping the sponsors to conduct a Resident Labour Market Test (advertising a job), helping to justify a vacancy or a candidate to the UKVI during the application. Plus how to treat Dependants of PBS migrants, where to count 2 years towards ILR and where one needs 5 years. Where a PBS Dependant can be included in ILR application and where has to get a further extension (and when it is allowed).

Non-PBS work categories: Ancestral, Domestic Worker and ILR based on those.

Applications under European law: EEA Family Permit, Residence Card, Permanent Residency, including the fact that many such applications are not even compulsory (but not all). We also have extensive experience on proving ‘exercising Treaty rights’. Following Brexit vote, we became particularly busy with European law applications.

British citizenship for non-EU and EU/EEA nationals and their family members. We have extensive knowledge and experience on this subject. For example, we work a great deal with Romanian nationals applying for Citizenship. Even though all restrictions were lifted on BR2 (now called EU2) nationals, they still need to show they were complying with the applicable restrictions at the time and we have in-depth knowledge of that matter, based on many of our cases. 

Registration of children born in the UK to become British citizens. For example, our clients often don’t include such a child in their ILR application SET (O), instead registering a child forCitizenship in due course, thus saving a great deal of money on the Home Office fees.

Registration of children born outside the UK to become British citizens. Very common for foreign workers who are accompanied by their families.

Appeals and Administrative Review applications: appeals for spouses of UK citizens, admin reviews for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) applications.

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