Advice sessions for OISC-accredited immigration advisers, lawyers and solicitors.

Even professional immigration advisers sometimes need advice! We are offering advice sessions to the practicing OISC-regulated immigration advisers and also to the immigration solicitors.

We can offer either a face-to-face session at our office in Central London (The City, Monument) or can provide email advice by the end of the next working day.

Contact us: , we reply on the same working day!

Examples on the issues we can advise during the session:

How to use and prove income from self-employment for a Spouse/Partner visa and EEA applications. What is the difference between a sole trader and a limited company owner/director, how their income is calculated (including dividends) and what evidence is required in each case. The difference between a director and a company owner. Why a term "self-employed" is different when it comes to the HMRC (and accountants!) and UKVI.

How to approach Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) applications when the funds come from the third party or if your client is a part of an entrepreneurial team.

How to approach a Genuine Entrepreneur Test (based on our extensive experience of successful cases) and what happens at Entrepreneur interviews.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) extensions: the difference between a director's loan and share capital investments, what is considered as investment in a business.

Tier 2 and Sponsor Licence: how to assess and justify that the Sponsor has a genuine vacancy and genuinely needs to employ a non-EEA worker, tips on Resident Labour Market Test. How to use Tier 2 Code of Practice, how to pro-rate salaries, how to request extra allocation of certificates of sponsorship, when a restricted certificate is needed etc. Conducting extensive - and genuine -  work in cojunction with the Tier 2 Sponsors make the process more efficient and less painfull for all, including the Sponsors and the UKVI. 

How to use the Immigration Rules: how to determine if a visa allows switching to another category, how to determine which categories can be combined for ILR calculation, how to determine what duration of visa will be issued to the migrant and many other practical questions.

Other: How to calculate absences for ILR applications, what to do if the applicant has a criminal conviction or a driving offence (including a speeding or parking ticket), can the migrant leave the UK after they secure ILR. 

1st 4Immigration Ltd is an OISC-accredited practicing immigration company in the City of London, OISC ref F200800152 and accredited at the highest Level 3. It also provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, which is accepted by the OISC.