Tier 1 (General) visa, formerly HSMP

Last ILR applications based on Tier 1 General will be in April 2018 - start planning now! Those Tier 1 General migrants who can't qualify for ILR by then will also be prevented from switching to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa unless they are already running a business on 6 April 2015 (but there is nothing preventing from applying into this category from abroad). For an individual advice to plan your stay in the UK book our Advice Session now!

We have successfully dealt with a large number of Tier 1 General applications for people who are employed, self-employed or both. You can read about it on Testimonials page.

This category has been closed for initial applications on 6th April 2011 and for extensions on 6 April 2015. This category for Highly Skilled people who score enough points on Age, Qualifications, Previous Earnings and UK Experience. In addition, there are requirements of English language and Funds.

Examples of the applications we dealt with:

  • Applicants who work in the UK as contractors, ie working for a company on a self-employed basis, such as having their own limited company. This may include a combination of working as an employee, then as a contractor or other way around. We can deal with applicants who pay themselves a director's salary, dividends or receive profit as a sole trader (self-employed without a limited company).
  • Most common applications include migrants who worked as employees, either in one job or in several jobs during the 12 months we need to assess for a visa (in the last 15 months).
  • Applicants, often American or Australian nationals, who worked abroad during their previous Tier 1 visa, often worked in the Middle East or in Asia.
  • Indian nationals who previously were on Tier 2 ICT visas working for IT companies and banks in the UK. They were paid salary in Indian Rupees to an Indian bank account. Some were also paid allowances (per diem) in British Pounds to a UK account. We have dealt with such applications on many occasions for applicants working for Oracle, TATA, Wipro, RBS, Infosystems, HP/RelQ, Barclays and many others, calculating a total in different currencies and applying the correct exchange rate.
  • Indian nationals who, for the purpose of a Tier 1 application, combine Earnings from their work in India in the past and the current work in the UK. In such cases they could use an Indian uplift (5.3) for the part of income from actual work conducted while they were present in India. This was applicable to initial Tier 1 General applications only (not to extensions).
  • Nationals of all countries who work in the UK, often in IT and financial sector, on a Work Permit, Tier 2 or Tier 1 General visas.
  • Indian nationals who worked in India, they were deputed to Hungary, then were deputed to the UK. In such cases we used an Indian multiplier (5.3) then a Hungarian multiplier and then combined with Hungarian and UK allowances. It could also involve foreign bank statements which needed arranging a translation as well.This was applicable to initial Tier 1 General applications only (not to extensions).
  • Russian nationals claiming Earnings for their work in Russia, with bank statements in Russian Roubles and in Russian language.

FAST  PREMIUM  SERVICE. It is also known as Same-Day Service and is much faster than a postal application, which may take several months.

We could arrange an appointment for Premium service at Home Office in Croydon. We can normally arrange an appointment within 1-2 weeks.

We would also check your documents, help with the form, answer your questions. On the day of appointment you would have to accompany us to Croydon because you need to provide biometrics (fingerprints). A decision would be made on the same day with your passport returned accompanied by a letter granting a visa. An actual visa card (Biometric Residence Permit) would arrive to us a few days later.

Alternatively, a postal service is also available but may take several months (may take 6 months), hence our Premium service appointments are very popular.   

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