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Spouse/Partner/Fiancee visa (applying outside the UK)


Settlement / Indefinite Leave to Remain


“1st 4immigration were invaluable as part of my settlement visa application. Without their key advice and service, my application would have taken months longer and may not have been successful. My advisor Jules was always prompt and professional and I can't thank him enough. The money was well spent and I'm very grateful to be reunited with my wife again. Thanks 1st 4immigration!” Shane, New Zealand national

“Following the spousal refusal, I'm delighted that I came across 1st 4Immigration. From day one of meeting Daniel, I was reassured that our case can be overturned. Daniel advised me of the options available and recommended the best route for us to take, giving me step by step of what to be expected along the way. He also pointed out any associated risks i.e. delays, dismissal, and suggested the measures he will put in place to minimise any risks. This was fantastic and I felt as confident as ever. Throughout the appeal process Daniel handed our case professionally, and used due diligence which helped identify the Home Office’s inadequate process and miscommunication. I was always informed of any new development and actions he was looking to take. Although our appeal was managed by Daniel, he ensured I was comfortable with any actions taken beforehand. During a tough time like this, it's vital to have an experienced, professional, understanding immigration lawyer to take off the hassle of dealing with the Home Office, and putting us on the right track. This is what we got from Daniel. Now my husband is in the country with me and our new baby girl who was born last month :-) The only regret I have is that I didn't come to 1st 4Immigration for the first application, but hey, we live and we learn :-) Thank you to the team and special thanks to Daniel for the effort and dedication that was shown throughout.” Beatrice, British national

“Many thanks to Daniel and Jules for their invaluable support and assistance in guiding us through the maze of requirements for my wife to obtain her spouse visa. A difficult process for us was made easier with professional guidance and comprehensive advice.” Brian, British national 

“Excellent service, Sebastian and Natalia made this complicated process so easy for us. This Company absolutely knows the Immigration process, they spend a lot of time making sure you are sending exactly the documentation that is needed to succeed, and they are there with you every step and happily answer every question. Highly recommended” Ann, British national

“Having been born & lived in the UK all my life, I have never really understood or thought that I needed to understand the whole UK visa/immigration process. When I had to apply for my spouses visa, at first I felt uninformed, totally lost and feared that the process would be long, stressful and costly, that was until I was advised to contact 1st 4 Immigration. From the very first meeting with them, their professionalism and speed in replying to my emails throughout the whole process gave me great peace of mind. Knowing they were ‘in my corner’ offering straight forward advice was also invaluable. Thanks to all their efforts, the application was successful at the first attempt and I have no hesitation in recommending them (and I already have done so) to anyone that may require any immigration advice. 1st 4 Immigration turned what, at the time, I thought was the worst experience of my life into just a simple admin process!” Neil, British national, whose wife was applying from Dominica.

“We would like to thank you and the team for the excellent Professional advice, guidance, support, and detailed attention to our Case and prompt daily response to our queries during the ongoing application stage and submission of the Case for a Fiancée / Settlement Visa. The Application was successful, which we are truly grateful for. Without your  professional guidance and knowledge we are sure we would not have been able to achieve my Visa. Your understanding and sympathetic way of handling our Case was outstanding. The time you gave to us will always be gratefully acknowledged in our hearts and remembered fondly. It felt as though we were part of a family and had known you for years. The Confidentiality of our case was important and this was given throughout. We wish you many more successes in the future with further clients. We shall be proceeding further with you during the next stage of my Settlement Visa. We are now residing in the UK having left my home in Goa to be with Alex in the UK and get married on the 18th May 2016. Sincere thanks from us both. We would certainly thoroughly recommend 1st 4 Immigration for any transaction in dealing with visas."                                                         
This came from Sandip and Alex, a British-Indian couple who applied for an Entry Clearance in India and after some waiting, all went well. The next step for Sandip will be to renew a visa after 2.5 years and then to apply for permanent residency after 5 years. Both steps can be done using same-day service, such as the one we use in Croydon. 

"A great service from 1st 4Immigration. Held our hand the entire way through this emotional & complex process. From first meeting to the very end we were given professional reassurance. Always there at the end of a frustrated email to calm our nerves by providing guidance and reassurance. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone needing a visa take up the services of this great team. Finally, we were so very happy when my fiancee collected her successful visa, and the value was only a little tainted by the two poor souls before her at the collection office that hadn’t received visa’s. Needless to say they’d not had the benefit of 1st 4Immigrations wonderful help and had tried to do it alone."  Iain & Marina (Ukrainian national)

"Having 1st 4Immigration deal with my spouse visa was the best thing I ever did. I had originally started the visa process by myself, but was quickly overwhelmed with all the paperwork I might need to submit, and the order I had to do things in. From the moment I contacted 1st 4 Immigration, I knew my money for their services had been well spent. They guided me step by step through the process, telling me any documents they needed from me and in the order they needed them in, making the process easily understandable. My agent always answered any questions I had promptly, and was both friendly and professional. She was exceeedingly patient, even if I asked the same questions many times.  It was clear that 1st 4Immigration knew exactly what they were doing, having dealt with all types of visa applications before, and they helped move the process along as quickly as possible. They completed any confusing online forms for me, from the application, to my biometrics appointment, to the return shipping of my documents, and much, much more. They really went above the line of duty, doing far more than I would have expected. I would encourage anyone who needs a visa to live or work in Britain to use their services. It's worth it." Susie, US national

“I just wanted to thank 1st 4immigration Ltd for doing such a GREAT job! Before contacting your office concerning my request for settlement, my wife and I were sent from one immigration office to another by Home Office, with each appointment being with the wrong forms and the wrong office. Not only was it frustrating, it was expensive due to transportation costs and Home Office appointment fees. Thank you for understanding exactly what would be needed and how very complicated immigration has become. Your office understood the law and the amount of information that would be needed for a successful application. Outstanding job!!! We are grateful for your expertise and all you've done to assure our settlement together here in the United Kingdom. Absolutely outstanding!!!!" This came from Daniel and Sandra who are now residing in the West Midlands in the UK. Daniel is an American citizen and his wife, Sandra, is a dual UK/Irish citizen. When Daniel was visiting the UK in the beginning of 2015, the couple tried to apply for a Spouse visa on same-day service in Birmingham. It did not work because the Immigration Rules do not allow switching from a visitor to a Spouse visa inside the UK.

The staff at the Home Office in Birmingham suggested Daniel and Sandra to apply under the European law instead, based on Sandra’s Irish citizenship, by post to the EEA applications department. Sandra was asked whether she was exercising treaty rights in the UK, which was indeed a relevant term but it wouldn’t be easy to answer for a person unfamiliar with EEA law terminology. Yet normally, such a switch would have worked (from a visitor stamp to a Residence Card as a spouse of an EEA citizen).

This is when Daniel and Sandra came to us. In addition to the above, we explained that Daniel could not apply under the European law because Sandra was both British and Irish (not just Irish). This is because of the change in the EEA Regulations in July 2012. Before that dual UK/EU citizens could pick and choose which passport to use for visa applications, thus many benefiting from applying under the EEA Regulations (rather than under the UK law), given the choice. And who can blame them? There is no Financial Requirement under the EU law, no English language tests and more recently, no Immigration Health Surcharge (known now as NHS surcharge). Plus very low government fees, currently £65 compared to £649-£1,049 under the UK law.

From 16 July 2012 dual UK/EU nationals, including dual UK/Irish, have to applied based on the Sponsor’s British nationality, thus forcing people to apply under the UK law. The only exception is a Surinder Singh route, which requires  a British citizen to work or be self-employed in another EU member state (can be Ireland) then for the couple to return to the UK and apply under the EEA law.

In Daniel's case we applied under the UK law. The next step for Daniel will be to renew a visa after 2.5 years and then to apply for permanent residency after 5 years. Both steps can be done using same-day service, such as the one we use in Croydon.

“My husband received his settlement visa this morning, thank you so much for your assistance and please thank your colleagues as well. We are both so happy.” This came from Natasha, a British citizen who asked us for help to secure a Spouse visa for her husband in Morocco. In this case we used Natasha’s employment in the UK to meet the Financial Requirement, as her salary was meeting the £18,600 threshold required for this type of visa. The next step will be to renew a visa after 2.5 years and then to apply for permanent residency after 5 years. Both steps can be done using same-day service, such as the one we use in Croydon.

"I would like to thank all the team at 1st 4Immigration for all your patience and assistance in acquiring the visas for Elsa and the children. Keep up the good work!!” This came from Robert, a British citizen who asked us for help to secure a Spouse visa for his wife in Dominican Republic, plus for Elsa’s 2 children (step-children of a British citizen). In this case we had to focus on the Financial Requirement, with the higher threshold because there were 3 applicants. We used a combination of pension and savings. Furthermore, we also had to concentrate on the ‘sole responsibility’ rule for the children’s applications. This is because step-children of a UK citizen can  secure dependent visas on their mother only if the mother can prove sole responsibility for the children’s upbringing, ie being the person responsible for the decisions on the children’s place of living, education etc, usually for a considerable amount of time in the years leading to the visa applications. 

“My wife got the visa last night! I'd like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past few months in making all this possible!!  We will be using you again in 2017 to aid us once more. Thank you again for everything!!" These very nice words came from Chris, a British national whose wife is Mexican and was applying for a Spouse Entry Clearance in her home country, under Appendix FM.  Happy ending!

“Initially I was going to submit my wife’s visa application myself . However, I wanted reassurance that everything is correct. I found 1st 4immigration website online and was pleasantly surprised that 1st 4Immigration team replied to my emails within hours and answered all my queries. This is the reason why I chose 1st 4Immigration over other solicitors and firms, their quick responses gave me the feeling of having their full attention.  You were very thorough and checked key details 3 to 4 times during our meeting. I thought this is brilliant. I wanted someone to treat to this case as their own, and that’s what she did. My wife’s entry clearance visa has now been granted. Thank you the team.” This came from Lakhwinder, a British national whose wife is Indian and was applying for a Spouse Entry Clearance in her home country, under Appendix FM. Happy Ending!

"I would like to say a huge thank you to you for all your help over the past months in preparing the visa pack and also for your patience, advice and kindness.  You gave me reassurance when I was worrying and were always on hand to answer my many questions.  The process took exactly 2 months (there was no fast-track service  in Argentina).  The service I received from you personally was very efficient, and we are so grateful you were there to guide us through the process. We are looking at flights now and hopefully Fernando will be here within the next few weeks." This came from Nicole, a British citizen who asked us for help to secure a spouse visa for her husband in Argentina.

This came from Peter, a British national applying for a Fiancee visa for his partner in the Philippines: “I made my daily phone call to Rowena (Peter’s fiancée) this morning. She wanted to let me know that a courier had just arrived with her passport……and Visa!!!! I am still shaking!!!!  Right now I am the happiest I have ever been. I am driving the people in here nuts (that’s not us, probably Peter’s work colleagues!). I keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I cannot wait to see the Visa for myself.  I can now book her flight (to come over to the UK). I am so happy. I may even get a good night’s sleep and stop with the stress medication. I may even have a pint lunchtime. Where would we be without you? We had been struggling to work our way through the Visa process and after running into a series of brick walls we retained 1st 4Immigration to help us and thank goodness we did. Their knowledge and guidance was invaluable and without that I seriously doubt we would have secured Rowena's Visa. A huge thank you in particular to Russell who for many weeks I bombarded daily with emails and documents but he always found the time to reply by return. We must also say thank you to the other members of the team who also helped us and stepped in if Russell was unavailable, a remarkable team effort. Put simply if you are struggling with the Visa process as we were then pick up the phone to 1st 4Immigration without any further delay.”

"Thank you for your help in obtaining my wife's spouse visa. Gathering all the forms and evidence needed for the application was quite daunting, and would have been extremely difficult and stressful without your help. Also grateful for your prompt responses to my questions, and well ordered final set of documents for the application. I am sure this contributed to the speed of the application being granted." Many thanks, Alistair, who was applying for a Spouse visa for his wife in Russia and the application took only 3 days! A record!

"A massive thank you to the 1st 4Immigration team for their diligence and professionalism in handling our case. We sent 1st 4Immigration our documents less than a month ago and just found out my wife's spouse visa was approved. We booked her flight and we will be together in a few days time. Their help was invaluable. We couldn't be happier!" James, a British citizen whose wife was applying in Japan. James, who is self-employed as a sole trader in the UK, was able to meet the Financial Requirement of £18,600 once his tax return was submitted for the tax year 2012-13. HMRC Tax Calculation (SA302 form) was showing profit of self-employment of just over £19,000. We also welcomed this couple 2.5 years for a visa extension, in which case we used a combination of the applicant's employment and the sponsor's self-employment earnings for 2015-16 tax year.

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the rest of the 1st 4immigration team for helping me with my visa. I received my passport with the visa yesterday and I'm so excited. So thanks again, you have been fantastic!" McKenzie, US national, applying to come to the UK after living with her British partner in Germany.

"I would like nothing more that to provide you with a testimonial for your company.  I do not believe that the final outcome would have been so quick or so positive without your professional approach to the whole manner.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your company to anyone.  I would like to visit your office and thank you in person for all the work you did on my behalf, as I know it was challenging at times - but we were successful in the end - a big yahoo" Melvin, Canadian national, applying for a Spouse visa, so both Melvin and his British wife could return to live in the UK.

“Happy to report we got the visas! Sometimes just two words can have a lot of content behind them: THANK YOU. Fantastic job. I will write back with some questions about the future a little later, after we drink some Champagne. :)” Mr N who applied for Entry Clearance in Israel for his Spouse and 2 children. This case was very interesting because we were able to combine earnings of the Sponsor from self-employment in Israel with a job offer in the UK. Furthermore, self-employment earnings were from the Sponsor’s limited company in Israel, meaning we could use the salary earnings in the last 12 calendar months, rather than in the last ‘financial year’ as the case would have been for owners of the UK-registered companies. We did not need to wait for the company accounts or tax documents.

"I want to thank 1st 4Immigration team for the great help in my spouse visa application. The process can be daunting, however because of your extensive knowledge I felt assured and confident throughout the whole process. They have been very professional and honest which is a testament of their abilities. I am very impressed with their services and am very lucky in finding them. Thanks for everything." Yousef, applied for a Spouse visa for his wife who submitted application in Jordan. In this case Sponsor was self-employed in the UK, having a limited company, so we had to use income in the last financial year of the company. We also welcomed this couple 2.5 years later for a visa extension.

"Many Thanks to yourself & your team in helping us succeed in the Visa. I will certainly recommend you to any one that is in our situation." Mrs R, applied for a Spouse visa in Rwanda. In this case we had to advise the clients (British/Rwandan couple) to wait for a few months until the Sponsor can meet the Financial Requirement under the Category B. The British partner in this case had been working through an agency and his pay was administered via an 'umbrella company'. So, because this arrangement allows to deduct some expenses before paying PAYE taxes, the earnings for the purpose of visa were not high enough at the point when the couple were first trying to apply. Once the Sponsor has accepted a full-time permanent job, paying a salary of over £18,600, and had it paid for a few months, we could apply for a visa using a Category B, ie when Sponsor's earnings in the last 12 months have achieved £18,600 from a combination of the current job and previous work through an agency. Since the applicant's Tier 4 Student visa had expired by then, she had to return to Rwanda and apply for a Spouse visa from there.

"Huge thank you for all your help and patience". Tracey, applied for a visa for her husband in Nicaragua. In this case we claimed exemption from the Financial Requirement (£18,600) because the Sponsor, a British spouse, was in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and accommodation was provided by the Sponsor's parent.

"We are really pleased to inform you that my visa has been granted (in Uganda). We are really grateful for your efforts and all the help you gave us, because of you we didn't have to wait for a long time for a decision to be made on our application". John and Charity, applying for a Spouse visa in Uganda. Our clients were told by a visa centre in Kampala that it would take 3 months to process this application but in fact it was approx 3 weeks or so. This couple came back to us for a visa extension 2.5 years later.

"I just wanted to say thank you to your team for prompt and accurate responses to my questions. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone". Julia, applying for her fiancee in the USA

"Thank you very, very much for all your help which has been invaluable. I think people who embark on this without seeking professional advice must have more money than sense! I’d be happy to recommend you in the future to anyone we hear of applying for a visa – most definitely!" Sara, British national applying for her husband's visa in the Gambia. 2.5 years later we helped this couple to secure a visa extension and now working on the upcoming ILR application.

"Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your hard work.  We got the visa today its such a relief.  Its been such a long journey and difficult journey but we and our families are so happy we have reached a happy conclusion. And now we can start planning a wedding! Thank you for all your help. We will definitely recommend you to others and we will be using you I am sure in the not so distant future! " Miss T, applying for a visa for her Fiancee in Nigeria. In this case clients were refused a visa first, before coming to us, so when we assisted with the 2nd application it has been successful.

"Thank you so much for all your efforts and skill in assisting my wife and me with her visa application. We heard just yesterday that it was successful (2 years) and we've now purchased the tickets for my wife and her son to fly over. We both really appreciate all the help, advice, and guidance you gave us and we're very glad that we engaged your services to make this application." Tim, applying for a visa for his wife and his step-son to come over from Kenya.

"Thank you for all your help with our spouse visa application. It was so good to be able to freely ask questions and receive professional advice. We paid for the premium service and got it within three days (service available in the USA)!" Dan and Susannah, applying for a Spouse visa to come to the UK from the USA.

Spouse/Partner visa (switching/extending inside the UK)

“Second time I'm applying with 1st 4immigration and I cannot be happier with their service. Will definitely apply for my ILR using their service again. Highly recommended!” Hatice, Turkish national 

“1st 4Immigration has very good and helpful team. It was my second extension on spouse visa and Mr. Jules had prepared my whole case as per the Home office requirements and he always gives reply whenever you email him and always keep you update with your case and Mr. Harpreet had guided me and my wife so well on the One day process( Premium service) about what and how this process works. At the end of my day I got positive result on my spouse visa extension. I strongly recommend to all my friends and family. THANK YOU very much 1st 4Immigration Team.” Vipul, Indian national 

“This is the second time we have consulted 1st 4Immigration and it was a success. Excellent and professional service by 1st 4Immigration. Visa successful (spouse visa extension) thorough checking process, Jules was particularly helpful and very efficient. We would highly recommend 1st 4Immigration.” Matt, British national

“I was pleased with the service provided by Daniel Metibemu of 1st 4Immigration. The process was much less stressful than making a DIY application, which I have done in the past. The result was my Chinese partner being granted leave to remain in the UK as my spouse/partner, despite us not being married.” Rod, British national

“My spouse visa was recently up for renewal. I had used 1st Immigration for my first application and had had a good experience so decided to use their services again. As before, they provided an excellent service, answering all my queries quickly and courteously, and assisting in correcting an error the Visa centre had made with my previous visa. My visa application renewal was successful and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to prospective clients.” Nadya, Russian national

“Really good service and I would recommend their service to anyone preparing for Visa.” Saif, Iraqi national. This was copied from a Google Review, which Saif kindly left.

"Fatemeh and I  wanted to say  thank you to Mr. Daniel Metibemu and  Mrs Natalia Andrews for their help with our case (Spouse Visa Extension). Also on the appointment day at the Home office your representative was very helpful and friendly.  Daniel, your service was smooth and professional. Our questions were always answered with patient and we were informed of everything
that was happening, great email communications.There was no need to be make a single phone calls at all. Fatemeh is looking forward to apply through your company for her ILR in the future." 
Fatemeh and Reza (Iranian National)

"Professional service from start to finish. My wife and I used 1st 4Immigration for her spousal further leave to remain visa and were very impressed with the service we received. From our first consultation, everything was explained to us thoroughly and there was good communication throughout the process. There was also a representative with us on the day who took care of everything with a minimum of fuss. Would highly recommend." Alex, British national, whose Russian wife was switching from a Tier 4 Student visa.

"Hi, thanks for responding to my e-mail. As my Visa application was yesterday morning, it was not possible to commit to your service but I must say that your online blog was VERY CRUCIAL in our decision making. My husband having been established a Limited Company in the UK only 9 months ago; we were unsure whether partial accounts would be acceptable even though he had surpassed the £18,600 financial requirement. What is funny is that we sought the advice of an expert recognized by the Home Office and she simply read to us the contents of the Home Office website that we were already aware of! Her interpretation of a FULL financial year was 12 months. She advised us against attending the Premium service with partial accounts and suggested using a postal service as that would buy us more weeks to get 12 months worth of accounts! Needless to say, my visa was approved in less than three hours, courtesy of clarification from your blog! So why am I telling you all this? I am going to be sending an e-mail to the above adviser and slyly point her to your website, she really does need to polish up her knowledge in this area, you only need to go online to read the turmoil many people are going through trying to interpret what a full financial year entails. I shall be recommending your services to anyone I feel could benefit from it!" Roselyn

"1st 4Immigration provide a professional service which takes the stress out of putting together a visa application. We were returning customers for the partner visa and I imagine we'll be back in touch when it comes to the next application. Highly recommended." Kate, applying for her partner's extension of unmarried partner visa

“My wife and I and selected 1st 4Immigration’s express service for the extension of her UK Spouse Visa (Leave to remain). We had handled my wife’s first spouse visa application (Leave to Enter) ourselves and whilst it was successful and I am fairly confident and experienced in dealing with procedural and legal documentation, I felt strongly that I wanted a reliable and more caring source of information to help us with our application for her extension. One of the major causes of stress and concern during our first application was the level of ambiguity that we received from the outsourced overseas agency that handled our visa application and their unwillingness to provide any guidance when printed and website documentation was unclear. Dealing with 1st 4Immigration was an entirely different experience. All of our questions were answered clearly and quickly and I felt very strongly that there was genuine care in helping us. This is a unique experience amongst many service industries today and something that I believe is very valuable. I would definitely use their services again and I am happy to recommend them.” Warren

"My wife and I applied for the second part of our FLRM spouse visa. As a self employed sole trader, the requirements are different from that of a salaried individual. I was introduced to 1st 4 Immigration by a friend who had engaged the team with his application. In less than 18hrs, the team had come to be with not only guidance but also a plan to right my situation and just as importantly to my wife and I, treat us human beings and understand the predicament we were in and to reassure us. Fast forward 3 weeks and our application was approved. I simply cannot recommend them enough. They took all the stress away and dealt with everything. I will be using them again in the future and recommending them to family and friends." Noel, whose wife is from Uzbekistan and was extending her visa.

"Firstly, I wanted say a HUGE thank you to everyone in 1st 4Immigration Ltd. Throughout the whole process, you have provided expert, professional and stress free guidance, it was absolute peace of mind. The process was flawless from start to finish and you really made me feel that I am in good hands. I could carry on with my busy work with the assurance of my case being handle by professionals who know what they are doing. They have been absolutely amazing and replied all my emails promptly. They were very patient with me. They've really gone above and beyond what I expected and I'm so happy to choose 1st 4Immigration Ltd to assist me with my extension application process. I really appreciate all their efforts and time on my application. I highly recommend 1st 4Immigration Ltd" Oktav, a Turkish citizen, who applied for a Spouse extension.

"We originally approached 1st 4Immigration 2.5 years ago for the spouse visa outside the UK, and when the time came to extend the spouse visa we knew the best people to help us would be 1st 4Immigration. The team did a great job yet again, nothing has changed with the quality of service and the level of knowledge provided. We were confident throughout the whole application process simply because they had everything covered: getting our documents in order, (attending)   was with us (an appointment) in Croydon at the time of the application, we had some interesting conversations! I will be using 1st 4Immigration again when we need to apply for ILR." Yosef

“I wanted to email you to say a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (we left the original spelling!) thank you for all your support during the visa application process. You were confident we would be successful, and I am so happy that you were correct! Thank You.” This came from Lazenya, a British national whose husband was from Haiti. In this application the British spouse was meeting the Financial Requirement using income from employment under the Category B. It was a combination of employment in Haiti, employment in the UK and then a current job in the UK. Such a combination is allowed by the Immigration Rules. We made an application on same-day service in Croydon and all went well on the day.

I just wanted to say a ...... BIG THANK YOU.....to you for helping me succeed in switching my current visa in to a spouse visa. I can't believe how quick the whole process was. Also want to say thank you to Harpreet who accompanied me to Home Office, he made me feel at ease. I will definitely use 1st 4Immigration in the future and I will recommend them to others. Thank you.” This came from Nalaaluke, a Namibian national whose husband was British. In this case our client already had a partner visa for 2.5 years (30 months) but it was in the 10 year route. We submitted a ‘normal’ FLR(M) application to switch to the 5 year route. Although it means meeting the strict Financial Requirement and English language requirement, it allows to qualify for Indefinite Leave to remain 9ILR, permanent residency), after 5 years instead of 10 years. 5 years have to be on the ‘normal’ spouse visas only. Can’t be combined with the 2.5 visa from the 10 year route, even though both visas are for 2.5 years at a time and both are from the ‘Partner’ category. We made an application on same-day service in Croydon and all went well on the day.

“The help and assistance that has been offered by 1st 4Immigration team from the start of correspondence, combined with the excellent support and representation during our same-day-service application, helped to ease our troubled minds and ensure the outcome we desired. Absolutely great service by all and would highly recommend using them (1st 4Immigration).” This came from Samantha, American national married to a British national. Samantha was in the UK on a Tier 4 Student visa.

“Dear 1st 4Immigration team, I would like to say a very big thank you for all your support over the last 2 weeks (Yes, this is how quickly we handled this application!). For putting my mind at ease through the application stages and constantly re-assuring me of positive results. I have never felt so relaxed whilst undergoing an immigration application and submission. Also, for being very professional today at the premium service centre (in Croydon) and once againn for reassuring me and explaining the process. There was a slight hitch just before the approval came through but a member of your team was able to offer reasonable explanations to the immigration officer regarding it and the permit was granted right after her discussion of the same. My husband and I are very grateful for her effort. You made the process seamless and the wait less agonising. I would recommend 1st 4Immigration to anyone with doubts about switching from discretionary leave to spouse visa!!!” This came from Gerry, a Nigerian national, married to a British national. Gerry was in the UK on a Private Life visa, which replaced a discretionary leave in July 2012. Like a Spouse visa, a Private Life visa is also for 2.5 years, however it is from the so called '10 year route'. Once our client has switched to 'normal' Spouse visa, she can qualify for permanent residency in the 5 year route, thus reducing her wait for an ILR by a half!

"(You) have been amazing with my stressful situation!  Very efficient, very responsive, going over and beyond to help me get my visa on time. It's amazing to have a team that knows how things work. I never thought that I would have any issue with my application, given that it's quite straight forward and all my documentations are all there.  But the delivery company managed to lose my visa card during delivery and I thought I would never get my new card in time for my trip back home (even though I've left 2 months buffer period).  But you have been wonderful in chasing and managed to talk to someone in the Home Office that was kind enough to shorten the process and got me the new card right away.  I will surely be using them again for my extension!" This came from Panan, a Thai national whose American husband holds an Indefinite leave (thus making him "settled"). We used same-day service in Croydon, all went smoothly yet it took a while for a biometric visa card (BRP) to arrive.Panan was initially on a Tier 2 sponsored work visa and could have carried on in that category until qualifying for her own ILR in the Tier 2 route. However, there are also benefits of switching to a Spouse visa, even though it means starting a 5 year qualifying period all over again. The main benefit is a right to work for any employer and be self-employed, rather than being tied to a Tier 2 Sponsor. 

"I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and patience. You've been so helpful and lovely and I'm very happy to have done my application with you.  You are a great professional and you knew perfectly what you were doing. I recommended you to one of my classmates (while at university on a Tier 4 visa) and she really wants to do her application with you so she will  be contacting you after the summer. Thank you again for everything!” This came from Daiana, an Argentinian national, who is married to a British national. In this case we used the Category C, non-employment income, to meet the Financial requirement. Daiana was receiving dividends from a family business in Argentina, so we provided the specified evidence as required by the immigration rules, converting the foreign currency into GBP along the way.

"My wife and I have been to numerous solicitors in London who had all been keen on lining their pockets with some demanding money even before they asked me my name. 1st 4Immigration has been a surreal experience when compared.  They have been straightforward and precise and I took over the case and it was just a breeze from that point on. I cannot thank 1st 4mmigration enough for their time and their prompt and polite service." Ajith and Kathryn, a British-Indian couple. Before coming to us, they were wrongly advised to make an application Ajith weren't eligible for, were refused and submitted an appeal. We assisted with withdrawing appeal and submitting a correct application on same-day service in Croydon, it was switching from a Tier 4 Student visa to a Spouse visa based on the marriage to a UK citizen.

“1st 4Immigration has been truly amazing! They have helped secure our future which is completely priceless. Me and my partner met over 12 months ago whilst studying on Student VISA in the UK. Our relationship went from strength to strength and we wanted to remain together. We were however concerned with the complications of gaining a VISA extension following our decision to get married. We both understood that the Home Office had increasingly made it difficult to get VISA’s and so we did not want to take any risks / chances that our VISA application would not be approved. We sought the help and support of 1st 4 Immigration and we were NOT disappointed! 1st 4Immigration assisted us every step of the way and ultimately helped to transfer our Student Tier 4 Visa into a Spouse Dependent VISA. A dream come true. Furthermore, our circumstances were rather atypical. Neither of us had full-time permanent jobs and so the financial requirements element was certainly a challenge. However 1st 4 Immigration professionally gathered all of our information and determined the most optimal route to obtain our VISA. I used my PhD Studentship finance alongside some part-time fixed-term income to satisfy the financial requirements. 1st 4Immigration were very thorough, checking all of our details with a fine toothcomb. This gave us support and confidence prior to our Home Office appointment. On the day, 1st 4Immigration met us at the Home Office. They were with us from start to finish, pointing us in the right direction. Finally, we got the outcome we needed, acceptance!!! Following our experience, if any other couples or individuals are seeking support getting an entry VISA or are wishing to extend / convert their existing VISA – then simply turn to 1st 4Immigration. You will not regret it! Fast, effective, responsive, supportive and wholly satisfying." Matt & Monica, a British-Indian couple. In this case we used a combination of  PhD studentship part-time employment to meet the £18,600 Financial Requirement

"My special thanks to your team for the wonderful job and co-operation you have done with my case to get spouse visa." Saif, national of Iraq, who switched from a Tier 4 Student visa to a Spouse visa using same-day service in Croydon.

“1st 4Immigration helped us from start to finish. We requested the premium (same-day) service because we were under some time pressure and all our needs were met quickly and efficiently. When we went for an initial information session, your adviser made us feel relaxed about the process and did not at any point push us towards using their services further. We were so impressed at this initial stage that we decided to use 1st 4Immigration to complete our Spousal visa application. There was constant communication throughout the process and nothing was too much trouble. We received a stress free application and a successful outcome and I cannot rate them highly enough. Thank you so much! “ Alex whose civil partner is Canadian and swtiched from a Tier 5 YMS visa

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you've done supporting Adam's application and appeasing my worries. We'd definitely recommend your services. Thanks.” Kate, a partner of an American citizen, the couple applied for an Unmarried Partner visa on same-day service. Kate (the Sponsor) had to wait until she has had a salary of £18,600 for 6 months and we submitted her partner’s application as soon as she had 6 payslips, which happened to be a week before end of the 6th month and the last day of the partner’s Tier 4 visa.

"I would like to thank you millions and millions of times for the hard work you had to put in on my behalf and the professional manner in which my complicated case was dealt with, I will definitely recommend 1st 4Immigration as they treat each customer as an individual not just a number". Maher, Tunisian national, who applied for an extension of his Spouse visa. Since previous visa was issued before 9 July 2012, we processed extension under the old rules either (ie under the Transitional Arrangements).

"Superb service and assistance! they were there to answer all my queries 24/7! ever grateful to all the staff". Aprilyn, Filipino national

"Thanks so much for your help and reassurance throughout this process. You went above and beyond; always providing prompt responses and meticulous attention to detail. Considering the complexity of recent changes in the law your help has been invaluable – sincere thanks and appreciation to all at 1st 4immigration." Lucy, applied for  a Spouse visa for her American husband. They used fast  Priority Service, even though applications from the US now need to be sent to Sheffield. In this case the couple used their savings to meet the Financial Requirement and a 6 months period was made up of 4 months of 'investments' and 2 months of 'cash savings' - thanks to the changes in April 2013 the couple could apply much sooner.

"I wish to thank you and your team for a job well done".  Robert, Nigeria national, applying as a Spouse of a UK citizen. In this case a client initially applied on his own using postal service but have not heard a result for 4 months, ending up withdrawing his application and submitting through us on same-day Premium service. This application was submitted under the 'New Rules' and client's income was paid through an 'umbrella company'. We booked an appointment for same-day service and application has been approved without any problems.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and for coming along (to submit an application on same-day Premium service in Croydon). All went smoothly, no problems. Thanks again and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know needing visas. Best wishes," Renee, Australian national, applying to switch from a Tier 5 Working Holiday visa to a Spouse visa in the UK

"Dealing with this sort of high level paperwork and strict guidelines to adhere to, can be stressful. After spending some time trying to do this ourselves we decided to leave it in the capable hands of someone who has a lot of experience and is accredited by the Home Office to be dealing with these sorts of applications. As soon as we were in contact with Natalia (at 1st 4Immigration), the stress levels dissolved. She and her assistant Harpreet were there every step of the way. They triple checked our paperwork, made sure we had all of the documentation needed, took us to our appointment at the Home Office and looked after collecting all of our paperwork when the visa was approved. I could not recommend their service more. My husband and I both work full time, so this sort of added stress to an already busy life was well worth paying 1st 4Immigration to take care of". Taressa, Australian, married to a British citizen, switching from a Working Holiday to Spouse visa FLR(M)

"Thanks for the good news!" Serdar, national of Turkey, married to a UK citizen, switching from a Tier 4 Student to Spouse visa FLR(M). In this case our clients went to the Caribbean to get married in a lovely ceremony, then returned to the UK on the last days of a Student visa and we submitted an FLR(M)  application to Croydon PEO for Premium service, via a pre-arranged appointment.

Tier 2 General

“I have used 1st 4Immigration and its sister firm MultiTravelVisas on multiple occasions over the last 8 years for visa requirements for me and my family. Professional service, comprehensive advice, courteous team and competitive fees. I will continue to use them for future requirements.” This came fromManish, Indian national who was switching from Tier 1 General to Tier 2 General. Why? Why would one be switching from a visa that allows to work for anyone in the UK (including for yourself) to a visa that ties him to the employer (Tier 2 sponsor)? The answer is the client couldn't qualify for ILR in Tier 1 General route before April 2018 because he spent too much time outside the UK, so had to find another category to allow him to reach ILR. He could now combine time spent on Tier 1 General visa with time spent on Tier 2 General and apply for ILR in due course in the future.

“I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and assistance with my Tier-2 visa application. You helped and guided me very well through the whole process and assured me even when there were delays. You were very prompt with your replies. Thank you once again for all your help and assistance. I will definitely recommend my friends and family who will be needing this kind of service to hire you.​” This came from Jasmeet, an Indian national who completed a degree at a UK university and  secured a certificate of sponsorship from a company with a Tier 2 Sponsor licence. Jasmeet made her initial application earlier but it was refused because of the salary requirements. So when Jasmeet asked us to help with the subsequent application, we made sure the appropriate salary requirement was met. Namely, that a salary as on the chosen SOC code on Tier 2 Code of Practice was corresponding to the salary offered to the applicant (or pro-rated, as the case was and as the case is in most applications).The minimum salary under Tier 2 is £20,500 and it is very confusing – because the actual minimum for the applicant is based on the chosen SOC code from the Code of Practice, which is higher than £20,500 in most cases.

"I wanted to thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Very helpful and supportive service. I got an extension for 3 years on Tier 2 General case."  Zahra, Iranian, switching from Post-Study Work visa to a Tier 2 visa inside the UK on same-day service. We also assisted the applicant's employer with getting a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

"Dear Natalia and 1st 4Immigration team, I would like to thank you very much for assisting me with getting a work visa. You were very helpful throughout all this 'uneasy' process. Thank you for your high professionalism and advice!” Alexander, a Russian national switching from a Post-Study Work visa. On this case Alexander’s Tier 2 Sponsor did not have to advertise the job because of a special arrangement for Post-Study Work visa holders switching inside the UK. The application was processed on same-day service in Croydon.

"Thank you 1st 4Immigration, not only for your prompt, knowledgable and professional service but also for the fact that you view your clients as people rather than numbers. You deal with each visa case individually, on a warm and personal basis". Clarissa, Malaysian national, applying for a Tier 2 visa after completing a degree course on Tier 4 visa. In this case employer could sponsor without having to advertise the job first.

Family Life

“I can't thank you enough for your hard work on this. I am so ecstatic I don't know what to say. I am actually in tears!!!”. Mrs A, national of Antigua & Barbuda who applied for a visa in the UK under the  Exception EX.1 for spouses of UK citizens applying on the basis of exceptional circumstances. In this case the Financial Requirement.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Business Plan services

"The 1st 4Immigration team gives very thorough advice for my particular Tier 1 application. They have done a very detailed job at preparing, researching, compiling my business plan. For someone like me who have no previous business experience, they help me choose from different financial options available, give me very comprehensive advice on business factors that comply the immigration requirement. My application went through very smoothly and it didn’t take too much waiting before I got the final visa approval. It’s a very professional team." Abigail, Chinese national, switching from Tier 2 visa.

All of us are so happy. Successfully; We had our visas. We can't find the appropriate words to express how much we appreciate your efforts; you are an experienced, responsible, clever and respectable person. We don't know what to say except a lot of thanks to you. Your excellent and cooperative team distinguish the 1st 4Immigration Ltd to be a very professional immigration office. Thank you so much for your great efforts. We found your support in all of our minor and major issues. You promised and you did it in a very short time. You always assured us, and replied quickly to remove our worries by a strong eraser; that is your calming words. Your good behavior obligated us to trust you very much. We became sure that we are in safe hands. We had a great relief to know that any time we need help; for sure you will always be there. You were supportive, encouraging and pushing us forwards. We got confident that our business plan will be very powerful, and also that our application will be successful, and all this confidence came true. When we read the business plan we said … what a marvelous business plan! You helped us a lot in the market research and in the business tiny details such as the licenses, premises, particularly contacts with real estate agents, and the local council, even you advised us about an accountant. In other words you filled every gap in the business plan …YOU WROTE A VERY POWERFUL BUSINESS PLAN. Regarding the guidance of our ongoing application; you didn't leave any detail without  covering it and explaining it thoroughly to us. All the requirements for the visa application had a precise care from you. Really your efforts were beyond our expectations. We are so happy and for sure are appreciating. Even after we had our visas successfully, you didn't leave us. You asked us to ensure that we travel in time, and that we should collect the BRP’s and register with the Police in time, and you sent us the details in case we need them. That is how to be a responsible person to the last moment of every responsibility. THANK YOU SO MUCH and see you soon in the UK.” Those very kind words came from Lilian, an Egyptian national. Lilian and her family applied for entry clearance in Egypt, together with another family member acting as an entrepreneurial team. There were 2 main applicants and one of them had a family as dependants.Our company also helped to prepare a business plan, which is compulsory for Entrepreneur visa applications. Our client had their own physiotherapy and beauty business in Cairo and were planning to open a similar business in the UK.

"Thank you so much again for all your help - Your knowledge of the requirements for extending our visa was evident, and really appreciated - we wish we had come straight to you months ago! I have already passed your name on to another friend." This came from Cameron and Darnelle, nationals of New Zealand, who applied to extend their Entrepreneur visa and a dependent visa respectively. There are many requirements related to an extension in this category and it can be tricky to navigate! We successfully proved that the £200,000 of the funds have been invested as a director’s loan and that at least 2 full-time jobs for settled people have been created (in this case it was 3 people whose working hours totalled to the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs lasting for 12 months). The next step, after 2 more years of hard work in running a business, will be Indefinite leave to Remain (permanent residency).

“1st 4Immigration were very helpful during my Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa application process and the turnaround time from Home Office was beyond my expectations at under 2 weeks! I tried submitting the application myself based on my understanding of the guidance, but after consulting 1st 4Immigration's strong track record with Tier 1 visas, I felt more confident with my application to use their services, and was not disappointed!  You were responsive every day and organised, very patient with my numerous questions. I didn't have any concerns in the documentation process and you  reassured me with the documents required for a successful application.  For anyone looking to start their own business with a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), I highly recommend you to opt for their Visa Application and Business Plan services as they have a thorough know-how of Home Office's requirements with a 100% track record (which we indeed had in the last few years).” This came from Andrew, a Canadian national, who had a Tier 2 (General) visa, ie a sponsored work permit, allowing working only for his employer. However, Andrew wanted to run his own business, as one of the co-founders together with his 2 friends from university. Since Tier 2 visa allows switching inside the UK, we were able to submit an in-country application. Amazingly, it only took just 2 weeks! We have also assisted with a business plan, which was made a compulsory requirement in April 2015. Andrew had already set up a limited company in the UK, he was one of the directors, so we used the details in the business plan to explain how it would be turned into a successful technology business.  

“Finally,  Good news we did it !!!!! I got my (Entrepreneur) visa  yesterday  (after just a month of waiting). This email to thank you for your hard and excellent work, the Business plan was great!!!!!!     This came from Sulan, a national of Libya, who approached us for help with a business plan, which is now compulsory for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa when making an initial application. Sulan was considering opening a business to offer  a range of auto service and repair. It was a business activity related to the client’s work in the past, so we used that as another ‘selling point’ to the visa officers. A business plan is a part of the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, so we usually explain the applicant’s previous work or business experience as well as what products they are going to offer, how they are going to compete the UK market.

“I approached 1st 4Immigration to assist with the application for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Your team was an absolute star! Your knowledge of the VISA regulations is second to none and I am 100% certain I would not have received the visa if it were not for your valuable advice and hard work. You were incredibly organised and meticulous in your approach. I cannot thank 1st4Immigration enough. Thank you!” This came from Rohan, an Australian national, who had a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme visa (known as working holiday) and wanted to remain in the UK and run his own business. Rphad had to return to Australia and apply for an entry clearance from there because the Rules don’t allow such switching inside the UK. However, we prepared the application while Rohan was still working in the UK and he only had to return to Australia to submit the paperwork. Rohan chose to use a priority service in Australia, which took just under 2 weeks.

"1st 4Immigration was really helpful throughout my Entrepreneur visa application. They know what they are doing. Every bit of information of the application requirement is taken seriously. I have been helped throughout the process with professionalism and patience.  I submitted my application on 4th August 2014, after 11th July 2014 new rules came regarding Entrepreneur visa (related to those switching from Post-Study Work visas and required to have already started a business before 11 July 2014, other than “contracting”). There were a lot of changes “overnight”. But 1st 4Immigration handled the whole process carefully, especially Russell who helped me out with the decision whether I should apply or not. Thank you so much Russell. Special Thanks to Natalia Andrews for her professional help. She is a wonderful person, so welcoming, positive and patience which made my whole application process easier than I thought.  A big Thanks to everyone who are working with 1st 4Immigration for helping me throughout the visa application process. I will definitely use 1st 4Immigration in future whenever I need. I recommend my friends to use 1st 4Immigration for any kind of immigration services.” This came from Shahin, a Bangladeshi citizen who was switching from a Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa, with his wife applying as a dependant. The new Rules, which came into force on 11 July 2014, affected a great deal the remaining number of Post-Study Work visa holders. The main change was that the applicant had to show they started a business before 11 July 2014, even if they were applying after that (in this case application was in August 2014). The change was almost “overnight” meaning there was no time to adjust, unless one had already started a business anyway (as was the case here). Furthermore, there must have been evidence of at least one contract and advert, dated before 11th July. Fortunately, in this case Shahin had a great idea of a recruitment business, he did register a limited company shortly before the changes, had an advert published in a local newspaper and payments from a couple of clients before the date in question too. We also had to deal with the fact that the funds were provided from the third party and carefully follow the rules on specified evidence. Like with most applications, we added extra information to meet the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, examples were a business bank account, accountant’s letter, business insurance, a business plan etc – this would be individual for each application as this is outside the “specified evidence” which has to be, well, exactly as specified by the Immigration Rules. Like many applicants these days, Shahin was invited for an interview at the UKVI in Sheffield, which went well. Finally, after 5 months of waiting, the case has been approved!

"I got the (Entrepreneur) visa, until September 2018 which I'm really happy about. Thank you very much and (to) your company, I really appreciate what you did and now I know that I made a right decision to ask your advice.” This came from Marina, who applied for an Entrepreneur Entry Clearance in Russia and has now secured her initial visa for 3 years, plus extra 4 months when you apply outside the UK, to give you more flexibility with the travelling dates to the UK. 

"I approached 1st 4Immigration OISC for the ad-hoc consultation regarding Tier 1 Entrepreneur programme. The response was prompt and sufficient so I decided to use this company for an extensive support during my whole application process. It was very valuable and helpful as the specialists were reviewing the drafts of my documents and were helping me to get the proper ones. My application was successfully processed and visa granted. The support provided by the company was valuable indeed." Dmitry, Ukrainian national, applying for initial entry visa in Ukraine as a part of Entrepreneurial team.

"11 months of support ! Natalia and the great team of 1st 4immigration helped me from the beginning, before 8 months of the expiry date of my postgraduate student work visa. They have shown me all of the available options to start my business and get the visa. I faced many difficulties while I was preparing my documents for the entrepreneur visa (HMRC, Bank,etc..) , they were always available for advice. After I submitted my application to the UKBA, I assumed 1st 4immigration role has finished, however, the UKBA asked for an interview with me to give more explaining about my business, I was surprised by 1st 4immigration support and advices at this point since they received the whole fees, they suggested to provide extra documents and even helped me to find an adequate accountant and tax advisor ! After the interview , the decision on my application was late and I was in need for the passport in order to renew my visa in another country, as usual, Natalia shows the available options for me, however, while I was thinking about those options , I received the good news from her , I got the visa :). I know and I have read about many people who have applied through solicitors for this visa with missing or even wrong documents such as applying with job title less than NQF level 4 ! I would really like to thank you for tens of supporting emails through this long trip of preparing and waiting !  I definitely recommend 1st 4immigration for anyone who is planning to apply for a visa in the UK, you will never find one who can help to give the right answers of tens of your questions without any delay." Anas, national of Syria, switching from Port-Study Work to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Anas was invited for an interview in Leeds and was asked tricky questions, such as 'How much is UK minimum wage?' All went well in the end and after 4 months of waiting visa has been granted for 3 years.

"1st 4Immigration has offered a great immigration service towards my application. I found their immigration service was very professional, responsive and quick throughout the whole application process. One of the thing that stood out for me was their attention to details assessing the each and every document. It was a thorough process yet it was very satisfying and delightful when the application was eventually approved . I would highly recommend them to many others." Mr. K, Malaysian national, who switched from Post-Study Work visa, had a company registered and a contract to conduct engineering work on behalf of his company. This application beat all the records on processing time - only 3 weeks and without interview!

“That's great news, thank you! I guess I will be your first Nigerian client who doesn't get invited for a face to face interview!” Obi, a Nigerian national, switched from a Post-Study Work Visa to an Entrepreneur category. Obi was phoned by the UKBA and asked for a phone interview right away, on a Saturday morning. All went OK in the end and he did not have to go for face-to-face interview while many other applicants have to.

Tier 1 General (now closed but ILR is open until April 2018)

"Many thanks to you and your colleagues for your services in putting together our application. It went smoothly yesterday at the Croydon Office. Your colleague was very helpful throughout our time at the office. My husband and I are really grateful." This came from Morayo, a Nigerian national. Our client was extending her Tier 1 General visa while extensions were still allowed (were closed in 6 April 2015 but ILR applications remain until April 2018). 

“My regards to 1st 4Immigration team for their kindness and good efforts in making my renewal successful. I really appreciate your patience and help with my documentations and all the effort in Croydon to make the whole thing successful.” This came from Ebere, a Nigerian national, who was claiming points for Earnings from his job in Texas, USA. We used same-day service in Croydon and all went smoothly!

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided  with my visa renewal.  All the help and guidance you provided is much appreciated. We (client and family) were a bit stressed by the time we arrived but having (one of our staff) there to walk with us through the process immediately help me to relax.  The service you provide is good value for money and I would happily recommend it". Waldo, South African.

"I got the extension for another 3 years.  I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. Home office representatives was happy with the overall documentation and they did not find any difficulty in approving my case (as they told me so). So well done and thanks to you . It could not have been possible without your help." Sourabh, Indian national. In this case the client was claiming points for the earnings from his own limited company (working as a contractor for an IT company).

"Thank you very much for all your help and assistance in extending my visa. Your professional approach is appreciated. I will be passing your information (to others). I have highly recommended that they use your services from my experience." Greg, Australian. In this case our client spent last year working outside the UK (in Switzerland) and was worried he could not extend his Tier 1 General visa. We assured him that as long as he had enough points his absence from the UK would not affect hisTier 1 extension.

“It was great service, My Tier 1 application was very complex and I was very worried about my visa. I have never thought that my visa can be done on same day. I have contacted 1st 4 Immigration and they have done my visa very quickly". Stuart (Australian)

“My visa was refused before I came to 1st 4 Immigration. They have done my application on same day. I am very satisfied with there professional service.” Natasha( Australian)

"I have received documents today and thanks for your help, I am really happy the service I received." Shivanand, national of India, Tier 1 (General) application, Surrey

"Hooray! Thank you for the great news and all the support you have given me." Artemiy, Russian, London, switching from Tier 4 Student to Tier 1 General application. In this case a degree and all Earnings (and supporting documents) originated from Russia. Thanks to our Russian-speaking staff we could handle it efficiently.

"I was very happy to hear the news (of a visa approval). I was very worried. Thanks God it had a positive outcome". Elena, Russian, London, switching from Tier 2 to Tier 1 General. In this case a client claimed points for Earnings from a job in Norway, with bank statements needing translation and a degree from Italy.

"Great Job!! Thank you so much for your help and support" P M, indian, switching from Tier 2 to Tier 1 General. In this case a client had part of Earnings paid to India and part of Earnings from deputation in Hungary, the documents needed translation as well as checking eligibility and calculating amounts in 3 different currencies.

ILR 10 years Long Residence

"1st 4Immigration has truly delivered a very professional and effective service throughout and certainly exceeded my expectations. The team has shown great knowledge and care to their clients. A huge thank you for all your help!" Sarah, national of the Philippines

Tier 4 General

"I am very grateful to 1st 4Immigration team for their help with my application for Tier 4 Student Visa. From the outset my application received all the attention it needed and overall I was very pleased with the quality of service and professionalism that you had provided me with. It was the second time  I used  1st 4Immigration visa application services and both times my expectations and requirements were fully met, for which I am, indeed, very grateful. Consequently I have no reservations in recommending 1st 4Immigration to anyone who is seeking a professional support for their current or prospective visa applications." Georgy, Russian national


“I have used 1st 4Immigration over the years to renew my Tier 1 visa and more recently to gain my Settlement status. Highly professional and would recommend.” Greg, Australian national

“My husband has recently been granted his ILR and we cannot thank 1st 4Immigration enough for their help and guidance over the last 5-6 years. We have used their services right from the very beginning of this process, from the first visa issued to renewals and right up to the ILR application, and have also recommended the firm to friends of ours. They are very professional, very thorough, provide value for money and Natalia Andrews and her team are excellent.” Sara, British national who applied for her husband’s Settlement visa using same day service through us

“Second time my husband and I have used 1st 4immigration. Daniel was very helpful, patient and kind during the process. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Thank you.” Verity, British national who applied for her Gambian husband’s settlement visa through us

“My ILR was granted last Thursday thanks to 1st 4Immigration. Very professional and efficient service. Definitely good value for money. Thanks Daniel, Sebastian and Jules.” Chinyere, Nigerian national

“We have successfully completed an application for my wife's ILR through 1st 4Immigration, after applying directly and being unsuccessful 12 months ago. Daniel was on hand to answer questions on email and was quick to reply and ease our concerns. Sawan met us on the day of application and was a pleasure to deal with, he also waited for the application which allowed us to leave after the essential bits had been completed. Would use again for other services such as naturalisation in future.” Stuart, British national

“Extremely efficient and professional. I was recommended 1st 4Immigration by a friend who had a successful visa application with them. Their initial approach is very formal and emails back and forth eventually get you an answer. Would have been nice to be able to have a 5-minute call to introduce your case. But once you sign things and get started, everything moves quick and is extremely efficient, documents are checked, lists are sent over and things happen on time. They are also extremely well located and available to drop documents there, which was one of my main reasons for picking them initially. Having used their services. I would use them again, and recommend them for efficiency, professional service and getting the job done!” Shreya, Indian national

“The team at 1st 4Immigration did a great job on both my work visa a few years ago and now my Indefinite Leave to Remain application. It has made an enormous difference to have such professional, thorough expertise to rely on when taking such important steps in life. I would recommend Daniel Metibemu to anyone - and in fact I already have. Many thanks to Daniel, Sawan, and the rest of the team.” Annie, Zimbabwean national

“I applied for and successfully got my ILR visa with this firm. The forms were filled out or me by my legal representative. I had a same-day appointment, and a representative was with me the whole time I was at the UKBA office. It is an excellent service, and well worth the money.” Abhishek, Indian national 

"Having lived in the UK for about 10 years as a student and then a professional, I have considered here as my home. So when it was time to apply for my Indefinite leave to remain on the basis of long residence I wanted my application to be perfect. I had planned in advance that I would use the services 1st 4Immigration as I had a wonderful past experience of applying for a Schengen visa from Multi Travel Visas. My experience right from the beginning was very good as Daniel, my advisor, was very experienced in this type of application and always extremly helpful and prompt in answering any concerns that I may have regarding supporting documents and queries in the application form. I applied for the same day service at Croydon PEO and that same afternoon I recieved my approval letter. I would certainly recommend 1st 4Immigration as they are experts in such applications, their comprehensive and highly professional approach gives applicants like me confidence. I sincerely Thank you for your support and would like to convey my best wishes for the furture." Gaurav, Indian national 

"Dear Daniel and everyone at 1st 4Immigration, my ILR card came through the letter box a few minutes ago, words can not express the joy and relief that my family and I are currently experiencing. We have been dancing around the house. My journey to 1st 4Immigration's offices was borne out of frustration not only with the amount of intertwining and complicated Border Immigration literature but by the numerous amount of professionals including Immigration lawyers who can hardly interpret these regulations. I completely failed to understand why I could not apply for my ILR as my solicitor of many years had advised as well as objected to a one day application. Finding 1st 4Immigration's website gave me profound confidence in contacting them and their prompt reply was unbelievable. They replied on the same day, they answered my queries immediately! I was a little bit sceptical in confirming an appointment with them but as soon as I walked into their office, I felt an aura of security and sincerity whilst engaging with Daniel. He was more than sincere to the point and his confidence and optimism gave me the courage to go ahead with my application using their services. Our next 3 week communication was via email! They prepared all the paperwork for me, this was a relief and more so, arranged for their representative to guide me through the same day application process in Croydon, who was very professional, regardless of my nerves, assured me that everything would be alright and by the end of the registration, I was happy to leave her behind to await my reply!!!!! They did text me in less than an hour after leaving Lunar House (UKVI building in Croydon) confirming that my application was successful!!! Never in my entire life, had I ever received a prompt, swift and professional services specially with Immigration lawyers. I am more than delighted to have found them online and would advise anyone to use them. These are definitely the best Immigration advisors, I look forward to working with them next year for my final step. Once again, thank you very much for bringing some joy into my house, family and relief for my future plans." Rhita, Ugandan national

"I dealt with different team members of 1st 4Immigration during my ILR process, everyone was very helpful and quick with their responses. The answers were very clear, precise and were in line with the latest immigration rules and regulations. I did not have to worry too much about the process. I was guided and helped at each step of the application. If I need 1St 4 immigration for any of the services in future that they provide, I will not hesitate. Thanks to the entire team to help me with my ILR" Vish, Indian national

"I would like to thank the 1st 4Immigration team for their great job in preparation of my (successful) ILR application! I would like to thank them being very meticulous with the related paperwork and accompanying documentation and for giving non-trivial advice in several cases where I did not know how to answer a particular question in application form. I would also like to thank their representative for staying with me in Croydon during the time my application was being processed, that was a great psychological support. I recommend their service to everybody looking for an immigration advisor. The process of applying for long-term residence visas is not only complex but also emotionally demanding because you understand that you whole career and family life depend on the outcome of this application. In this case, you need somebody on your side to be both professional and emotionally supportive. 1st 4Immigration is exactly that kind of a team! They are very far from that `stereotypical' cold lawyer that tells you: "Here are the options available to you by law, instruct me and I will act accordingly". Quite oppositely, they consider the available options together with you and recommend you the best one in your particular situation. You are doing a great job, guys! Best of luck in your noble business." Igor, lecturer in the University of London

“Thanks so much to you and your team for your support during my wife’s ILR visa process. As with her spouse visa (which we did 2 years ago, this was an extension), you guided us through everything with patience and professionalism, and we really appreciate the “hand-holding” that you offered throughout the process. We couldn’t have done it without you, or at least we couldn’t have done it without spending lots of extra money on failed attempts, wasting lots of time and sprouting lots of grey hairs. Your service isn’t cheap (as all good things in life – 1st 4Immigration) but as a repeat customer I am certain that it represents incredible value for money.” These nice – and fair – words came from Pirran, a British national whose wife was from Tunisia. First we helped to extend a spouse visa 2 years ago and now we helped to secure ILR. Since the 1st spouse visa was issued before 9 July 2012, these clients were able to extend (there were reasons not to apply for ILR then) and secure ILR under the “old Rules”, ie under the Rules which were in place before 9 July 2012. Namely, there was no Financial Requirement (£18,600). We made an application on same-day service in Croydon and all went well on the day.

"My sincere thanks for helping me apply for my Indefinite Leave to Remain. It was such a pleasure having a member of your team assist me on Friday at the Home Office. Her kindness and reassurance together with her knowledge and ability to explain the procedures to me so clearly was wonderful. I could not have asked for a better representative." Pam, South African national

"Thanks for all the help to you and your whole team, well done guys. Hope you all have a wonderful new year." Ibrahim, a Nigerian national married to a UK citizen. We submitted this application in the last days of 2014 for same-day service and it was a great way to finish the year and enter 2015!

"Dear Natalia, we both owe you and your helpers a big thank you for all the work you put into our visa application.  Without your skilful arguments, I doubt if we would have made it, and then we would have problems.  Fortunately, it is all history now." Prof C, American national who we helped to secure an ILR, together with his Brazilian wife as a dependant. In this case our client was not meeting the limits on absences (180 days) but we thought the circumstances were appropriate enough to apply and it worked!

“Many thanks for the excellent, efficient and professional way you handled my wife's ILR application. Went so smoothly even though it wasn't a straightforward case.” John, whose Malaysian wife applied for an ILR on SET(M) form

“I’ve been really, really impressed with the level of client  service provided. Everything has gone very smoothly and quickly. Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to your colleagues. You both made me a loyal client and I will certainly recommend you to others.”  Kartik, Indian national applied for an ILR as a spouse

"Dear 1st 4Immigration team, I am so ecstatic that I received my indefinite leave to remain today and that everything went so smoothly! I remain forever grateful for the invaluable, courteous, and professional service/assistance I received from you and all your colleagues and would definitely recommend your company to anyone without hesitation. Thanks so much to you all!" Shyrna, St Kitts and Nevis  national who made a SET(M) application under the 'Old Rules' since the Spouse visa was issued before 9 July 2012.

"Just to say thank you for how you handled our application. We really appreciated your level of professionalism and expertise and your calm confidence. You made the whole process so much easier thank you." Mrs M, national of Lebanon who made a SET(M) application for herself and SET(O) applications for 2 children who turned 18 yo by the time of applying for an ILR.

“Dear Natalia, We have accomplished obtaining my settlement right together. Not only have you made this highly complex process very easy for us but you also have taken all the stress and anxiety away from us. I appreciate that you always replied our e mails quickly regardless of time and place you were. It was a great opportunity to have been able to ask any question anytime. You have generated different alternatives in accordance with our circumstances which were very practical as well as money saving tips. As for the application day, Russell was a great help for us in every respect. My husband and I just sat in the café and enjoyed our coffees. Russell dealt with everything which was a really huge relief. To have worked with you for my settlement application was of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you!” Ms U A , Turkish nationals applying in SET(M) category. For English we used IELTS certificate from the previous application (even though it has now expired).

"Thank you very much for your kind and diligent service in assisting us with our SET-O application for ILR.  We are grateful for your team’s splendid efforts in getting our forms and documentation ready, despite tight timelines.  The process at the UKBA in Croydon went surprisingly smooth under your guidance, so much so that my wife and I was awestruck when you  informed us that it was successful and is all over". Roelof and Liesl, South African

"I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your help with my visa. I know it's not the easiest when applicants are unable to take time off to devote to these things, but I really appreciate you working with me remotely. I always rave about your services and have recommended you many times- this will be no exception." Danielle, South African national, applied as an Unmarried Partner of a UK citizen, having spent 2 years in the UK, could still apply under the Old Rules.

"Thanks for the efficient way you handled my wife's visa application and your team member in Croydon was very helpful." Roger, British national applying for his Filipino spouse

"I couldn't have done this without your help and want to thank you so much for your good advice and prompt replies to e-mails.  My employer is very impressed with your service and I'm sure they will use you in future for migrant worker issues and visa applications." Rina, South African national, initially planned to extend her Work Permit, ie get a Tier 2 visa, however, we advised to go for an ILR - all requirements could be met and an ILR allows to live and work in the UK without restrictions.

"Thanks very much for your help with this visa application (SET M application for an ILR). I must say that your team was were very helpful and is a credit to your company". Mark, a British national who made a SET(M) application for his Thai wife and a step-daughter. Mark is our regular client as we arranged several Schengen visas for his wife and step-daughter and it was now time for them to apply for an ILR. We processed this application 'under the old Rules', even though it was in February 2013. It was possible because the applicants had Spouse and Dependant visas issued before 9 July 2012 and could use the transitional arrangements. As soon as an ILR has been done on same-day service in Croydon, we processed another French Schengen visas securing Schengen visas valid for more than 1 year. 

"Everything went well yesterday. I was impressed at how hectic and manic it all gets at the UKBA. Your representative was really cool, kind and very helpful. So thank you very much to both of you. The visa was approved. Thank you very much for your help again. It is very much appreciated".  Sinhue, Mexican national applying after completing 5 years on Work Permit and Tier 2 visas.

"Thanks for your help, guys, it all went very smoothly. Harpreet was very helpful in the way he dealt with everything today. " Paramjeet, Indian national. Applied for an ILR based on 5 years on Tier 1 General/HSMP using same-day Premium service in at the UKBA in Croydon ('today' refers to the date of appointment in Croydon, which we provided using a separate system for accredited representatives).

"I want to appreciate you and your team for your excellent services in guiding me through the entire process of packaging my application to meet the requirements drawing my attention to gaps I wouldn't have thought on my own". Oluwole, Nigerian national, applying as a Spouse of a UK citizen. In this case we had to provide extensive advice on the 'letters' to show  2 years of residing in the UK.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and accurate responses to my questions. Thank you for your help and kind encouragement during my ILR application. God bless you. Please do also extend my sincere appreciation to your team". John, Nigerian national, applying as a Spouse of a UK citizen with his son included as dependant.

"I cannot thank you enough, your services were fantastic!" Natalia, Russian national, applying for an ILR after 5 years on a Work Permit. In this case we had to help our client and her employer to draft the letters required by the UKBA.

"I genuinely found your services very helpful including the spontaneous responses via email. It was very professional and most efficient. I am very glad everything went without a glitch. Harpreet was very helpful and its only after reaching the UKBA office did I actually realise going through you had made my life so easy! Thanks once again for all your help."  Swetha, Indian national., applying after 5 years on Tier 1 visas.

"PR is done for both of us (client and spouse). Thanks a lot to you for all the help that you provided to us in this regard." Swapnil, national of India. We previously handled Swapnil's Tier 1 General application by managing to arrange a Premium service appointment in the last month before Tier 1 General was closed to initial entrants. Then it was time for Swapnil to apply for an ILR based on 5 years of T1 General, T2 ICT and Work Permit, so he chose to do it through us also. We submitted using our special pass allowing us to submit ILR applications without appointments.

"Thank you so much for the professional service you have been providing. Without your advice, I probably would have gone for the wrong application FLR(M) instead of SET(M). Your professionalism has impressed me and my husband." Ms S, a Chinese national. In this case our client was concerned whether she should apply for in SET (M) category for Permanent Residency or whether she should opt for an FLR (M) application to extend her Spouse visa for another 2 years because of many days spent outside the UK. We advised that absences were not a problem as much as it would be under SET(O) category and recommended to apply for Setttlement rather than an extension, which was succesful using Premium same-day service in Croydon.

"Many thanks for all your help with my settlement visa application. I truly appreciated your effort in sorting out my home office letter (though it was a big pain)."Raj, national of India, ILR application under HSMP Judicial Review, London . The client is referring to the fact that UK Border Agency (Home Office) has made a typing error on his ILR letter - in the date when a client could apply for British Citizenship. If not corrected, this would have delayed the client from applying for UK citizenship for the whole year. Our company has insisted on asking UK Border Agency about it and finally, this matter has been resolved.

“Thank you so much for all your help and support”, Dr A, Nigerian, application for an ILR under HSMP Judicial Review. In this case we (1st 4Immigration) had to challenge the Home Office decision to start proceedings to refuse an application because of the ‘gap’ between visas. However, the visa officers later admitted it was their mistake, so a client and the family were all granted an ILR with just a minor delay to everyone’s satisfaction.

"That is a very good news indeed. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help during this process". Dr Y I, Pakistani national, London. In this case a dependant had a driving offence, which would have been a complication under the new Rules from 6 April 2011. However, it was not a problem in this particular case as it was under HSMP Judicial Review.

"I received our passports and documents this morning. Thank you very much for the prompt service, I am very pleased with it." Yueng, national of Singapore, ILR application as a spouse of a British citizen, Chester.

"It was a great service; even my wife gets child benefit still she got the Indefinite leave to remain on same day". Haziraj ( Egyptian)

"The information provided by 1st 4 Immigration was very useful and there service is excellent. I came to 1st 4 Immigration after contacting so many lawyers and finally I got the right information from them and managed to get my visa on time". Bolres (Filipino)

"Very responsive team and smooth process! Jules was in charge of my application and worked tirelessly (even on his days off) to make sure everything was up to scratch. Thank you." Carol, Egyptian national. 

Tier 1 Investor

I know “1st 4Immigration Ltd” from early 2014 when I needed to receive expert advice on my immigration case which was quite specific and challenging. My friend highly recommended me the services of Mrs Natalia Andrews of “1st 4Immigration Ltd” as she was very impressed with the professionalism of Mrs Andrews and her colleagues. Initially, I needed just a one-off advice but having recognised the quality of 1st 4Immigration Ltd and their emphasis on individualized attention I switched to annual counselling scheme. The team did an excellent job by providing me with the confidence that my immigration matters are monitored and managed very well. In my opinion, the three most important factors in an immigration case are: knowledge of the subject, accuracy and meeting the deadlines. My expectations with “1st 4Immigration Ltd” were delivered: the deadlines scheduled and met; news and regulations updated and communicated; everybody in the team was aware of my case; and as a result my desired immigration status was obtained. Moreover, understanding my time-critical situation, they made themselves available even after working hours and during the weekends. I have built an excellent relationship with the team, not only they are top professionals but also kind and friendly persons and I have a great impression of them and will be happy to extend our cooperation further." Mr N, Turkmenistan national

"Thank you very much for your Help. If my friends or colleagues ask me, I certainly will recommend your company." Mr. A, Russian national. We were helping this customer to apply from Russia, for an Entry Clearance for himself and spouse. In this case the funds of £1 million were on a current account in a UK-based bank, which made it unnecessary to prove that the funds could be transferred to the UK. We also had to wait for 3 months before applying in order to show the £1 million on the client's name for the whole 90 days, in order to avoid providing documents for a source of funds and extensive translations.

Visas under European law: EEA Family Permit and EEA2 Residence Card, Retaining Residency Rights

“Daniel was a fantastic much needed help during my application for a Residency Card for the UK and EU. It’s obviously a lengthy process but he was with me every step of the way responding to all my individual needs leading to a successful application process.” Benjamin, NZ national

“Excellent service and support offered by Natalia and Sebastian throughout my entire application for Permanent Residency. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for their help, their professional manner, and the way they handled not a very easy and straight forward case! Thank you for your patience guys! 10 out of 10 and definitely I will highly recommend 1st 4Immigration for stress free applications!”Sergiu, Romanian national

“Hi Daniel, thank you for your hard work and efforts in securing my EU Dependant visa. I am therefore writing to give you the appreciation for all your consideration and professional advise for the past few months. Once again, thank you so much.” Sylvia, Nigerian national

"We are extremely thankful for all the help provided to get the documentation for us to stay together. The process has been very smooth and quick, and we have no doubt that in your professionalism is the key of this fast and painless success. Do not hesitate we will recommend your service to everyone that is seeking for legal support related to Home Office. It has been a pleasure to be your customers." Elton and Javier, Brazilian national

"It's not an exaggeration to say that 1st 4Immigration have enabled a life changing situation, and that change definitely being one for the better. A culturally mixed relationship is not always plain sailing and dealing with visa issues to continue being together can test that partnership to near breaking point. It felt that the odds were stacked heavily against us, the powers that be within the UK no longer seem to recognise marriage as anything significant or more durable than the paper it's written on. The Surinder Singh route has lead us to a place where we now have a tenable view on the future again, the cloud of tension has at last been lifted. 1st4immigration have not only brought us a visa, they've given us back our life in the country of our choice. That's far more than what we paid for.”Many thanks from Tim and Fumiko, a British-Japanese couple who applied under Surinder Singh route.

"I just wanted to let you know that my (Brazilian) wife's EEA family permit application was successful. Despite being submitted in Brazil, the application was handled in Columbia, and in total it took almost 4 weeks. Thanks again for your help preparing this application. We'll be in touch again soon when my wife arrives in the UK and we have to apply for the residence card.” This came from Manuel, a German citizen who asked us for help to secure an EEA Family Permit for his Brazilian wife to join him in the UK.  A family permit is often the first step for the non-EEA family members of EEA nationals. It is valid for 6 months but it allows to work, use the NHS etc (there is no immigration health surcharge for those applying under the European law).   

"Oh my God!! I had to read your email a few times (when we told the application had been successful), to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong!! That is the best news I've had in a while! First of all, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone (please pass on a big thank you to Natalia), it's been such a relief to have someone advise me on the documents to be submitted and to know I'm doing the right thing. Thank you ever so much and I will surely be back in touch for a (British) passport application.” This came from Adina, a Romanian citizen whom we helped to secure permanent residency under the European Law, EEA (PR) application, following at least 5 years of exercising treaty rights in the UK, in this case working.

"I wanted to say big thank you for help with our case, your service was smooth and professional, even though we were short of time and documents. Our questions were always answered and we were informed of everything that was happening, great communication. Pleasure to deal with you.” This came from Gabriela, a Polish citizen who asked us to help with a visa application for her South African partner. Gabriela’s partner spent 5 years in the UK on an Ancestral Dependant visa, based on the marriage to a pervious partner. Gabriela spent several years in the UK too, so for the past 2.5 years the couple did live together in the UK. We advised to apply for a Residence Card as an Unmarried Partner because both Gabriela and the applicant were still married to their respective spouses at the point of application, yet Gabriela’s partner’s visa was expiring very soon, so they had to act fast!

"I wanted to say big thank you for help with our case, your service was smooth and professional, even though we were short of time and documents. Our questions were always answered and we were informed of everything that was happening, great communication. Pleasure to deal with you." Mark, South African national

“Very good job from 1st 4Immigration. They have gathered the right documents needed for successful application for my wife. Also listen to their guidance and provide the documents they require ... the right documents and their cover letter make for 100% success. Thank you”.

This came from Chudomir, a Bulgarian national who is now looking forward to his Filipina wife joining him in the UK for Christmas. A Family Permit is issued to spouses and family members of EEA nationals, such as Bulgarian, French etc. An EEA national has to be exercising Treaty rights in the UK, in this case Chudomir was self-employed (and paid via an umbrella company). We are very experienced in dealing with the self-employed people of all nationalities and types of applications, so we were able to advise efficiently. 

A Family Permit is a visa for 6 months, which allows to work. The best step would be applying for a Residence Card, which will be for 5 years (and for which we have a reduced service fee for those who applied for a Family Permit through us). We also welcomed this couple 6 months later for application for a Residence Card, which was issued for 5 years. 

"I would like to thank you for the top service and the help with my wife´s Visa application. We had a successful outcome much sooner than expected and they were at all the application time in touch with us to keep us up to date regarding the application process. They are 100% advisable and reliable, we are very happy and we will pass their details to our friends in case of need." Francisco, German national, whose Chilean wife arrived as a visitor and we made an EEA2 application. Our client was exercising Treaty rights as both a worker and a self-employed person, so we used a combination of documents and application was approved within approx 2 months.

"1st 4Immigration provided exemplary service from day 1, answering my myriad questions in a rapid and thorough manner via their initial consultation option.  I was so impressed with their response that I opted to hire them for assistance with my full visa application, and found the entire team to be incisive, supportive, patient, and of the utmost professionalism throughout the entire process.  I sincerely recommend their services to those seeking visa advice." Kelly,  American national who is an Unmarried Partner of a French national, switching from a Tier 2 visa to an EEA Residence Card (EEA2)

“Thanks so much for all your help during this relatively stressful period. My partner and I both appreciate everything you’ve done. Feel free to tell everyone we think you are all awesome. This is based on the extreme care you all took by making sure everything we had was in order and staying patient when we weren’t at all with all out emails etc! And I will certainly recommend you to all my friends.”  Adre, South African national who applied to retain a right of residence under the European law following a dissolution of a civil partnership.

"I have been very happy with your help during this entire process. You could not have been quicker in replying to all my queries inspite of all our decision changes during the process. Thank you again  and I will get in touch with you in 5 years when we need to renew this". Barbara, Spanish national who applied for a Residence Card (EEA2) for her American husband. Barbara was applying as an EEA student, which meant the couple needed to show funds and private medical insurance for both of them.

"Thank you so much for all your help. Your patience and perseverance was fantastic". Marlon, Canadian national maried to a Romanian national. In this case we helped to apply for a Residence Card (BR5) as a spouse of a self-employed / self-sufficient Romanian national.

"1st 4Immigration was a huge help to us and really made the application a lot easier". Connal, Australian national. Applied for an EEA Family Permit from Australia (with our help from the UK) on the basis of marriage to an Italian citizen. Connal had a job offer in the UK and wanted to have a 'visa stamp' which would allow to work right away when he and his spouse arrive in the UK.

"Thanks so much for all the help!! So excited! Happiest girl in London today". Jessica, New Zealand national, applied for an EEA Residence  Card as a spouse of an Italian national.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for these great news! I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you for your great support and assistance! " Boris, Bulgarian national from Varna. We helped him, his partner and children to obtain Blue Registration Certificates using HSMP programme.

"Wow I’m so happy and relieved!!!! Thank you so much for all your help! My application was really well done by you and I had a really good service." Emilie, Canadian national, switching from a Working Holiday visa to EEA2 (EEA Residence Card as an Unmarried Partner of a European citizen). Our clients have been in a relationship for several years but only lived together in London for 1 year and 10 months (2 months short for 2 years). We advised to aubmit an EEA2 application anyway because it would take up to 6 months to process it and also the basic rule is to be in a 'durable relationship' rather than strictly living together for 2 years.

"I received my passport today! EVERYTHING OK!  permanent residence, I can't believe! Thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cristian, national of Chile, applied to retain residency rights under European law after his marriage to an EU citizen broke down.

UK Ancestry visa

"(Appointment in Croydon) had been one of the most nerve racking days of my life, but as you know, a positive outcome and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted to thank you all very much for all your efforts. You’ve been very patient with me compiling the documents and your representatives were both extremely friendly and professional on the Croydon appointment day and made the situation as good as it could possibly be (I was overwhelmed with nerves!). Thank you so much for everybody who played a part in getting me my residency." Laura, Australian national

"Dear 1st 4Immigration team. You fully explained the situation to me and answered all my questions honestly, including those which you doubted would work, but had excellent and acceptable alternatives.  My visa application was submitted with a response timeline of 3-4 weeks and I had it back in less than a week with absolutely no queries and this is due to your excellent vetting of every entry on the application form and the requisite documentation relating to the application. This visa was very important to me and opened a door to the rest of my life.  I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to any person wishing to have a smooth transition with visa acquisition. The best day was when I held my passport in my hands with the visa stamped on a page.  Thank you once again." Patricia, Australian citizen.

"Thank you so much for all the assistance, it was a pleasure to deal with you." Charmaine, South african national

"Thanks so much for your help in getting my Visa sorted.  I am so pleased! You were a great help with regards to handing in all my forms and getting my biometrics done, so many thanks for that. I will definitely be using your company again when I apply for ILR". Kirsten, South African national, applying to extend her Ancestral visa.

Visa to bring elderly parents to the UK from abroad

"I am so happy to let you know that my mum has just got her visa today. No words can describe how grateful I am for all what you've done for us. Thank you, truly!” This testimonial came from Nihal, who is on a Tier 4 student visa in the UK and who asked us for help to secure a visitor visa for her mother, so she could come and visit the UK from Morocco. The visa applicant in this case was working on the self-employed  basis in Morocco, so we advised to provide evidence of running a business, paying taxes in Morocco etc – and all worked well!

"My Mum has been refused an entry clearance twice in recent years, although we thought it was a straightforward case. I am her only daughter and a settled UK citizen and my mum is an elderly widow living on her own in compassionate circumstances in Ukraine. But without a professional advice and qualified legal guidance  we have applied for wrong types of visa and the documents we have submitted proven to be insufficient. We were very sceptical and disillusioned when contacted 1st 4Immigration advisors, as we had lost our hope, but were so lucky to have received a professional efficient service. Natalia Andrews proved to be a top class professional who guided us through the whole process of collecting documents, meticulously checking every word and has written an outstanding letter to the Immigration authorities. Without her help and guidance, I doubt that our visa application would have been successful, especially now with the more toughened immigration rules. My Mum has finally been granted a Settlement visa and will soon reunite with me in the UK! If I ever needed an Immigration advice in the future, I would never go further that 1st4Immigration.  With all my respect and high appreciation" Rimma

British Citizenship, including for European nationals

“A fantastic and professional service from 1st 4Immigration. Handled both my ILR and the citizenship applications and from the first meeting to the very end I received clear information and updates in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone needing help with their immigration status to take up the services of 1st 4Immigration. Finally, a special thank you to Jules Motcho not only for his professionalism but human touch to the process. (Hungarian national, lived and worked in the UK for 14 years prior to the applications).” Ildiko 

“Really good customer service. Quick and informative replies to all my questions and felt very supported throughout the entire application process. Have already recommended you to friends and colleagues.”Adina, Romanian national

"I have used 1st 4Immigration services twice! The first time to get my UK Residency and the second time for my UK Citizenship. Both times the service provided was professional and impeccable! 1st 4Immigration made this journey very smooth and easy for me with their great communication and organisation. I have already recommended them to a lot of friends and I'll keep on doing it. Special thank you to Jules who was always very patient and very attentive. Thank you for making a big dream come true! Highly recommend!!" Camila, Polish national

“I am so pleased to have chosen 1st 4Immigration for my PR card and citizenship, my adviser Daniel was excellent, will definitely recommend this company for Immigration issues, and will continue using them too.” Helen, French national

“It could not have been any better.  I will always recommend your firm. I received excellent advice throughout the application process and I was particularly impressed with your thorough knowledge of immigration issues, efficiency, continuous monitoring, genuine caring, total compliance, and very good value for money, particularly when compared with Law firms.” And in regards to his advisor: “All I can say is I wish other people are as helpful, professional and caring, as you are!! Thank you very much for all you have done, and continue to do. I am sure your company must be very proud of you.” - Which we are!  This came from Ahmed.

“(In Romanian): Am intrat in contact cu firma 1st 4Immigration Ltd in vederea obtinerii cetateniei Britanice si sunt foarte fericit cu alegerea pe care am facut-o! Mi-a fost recent confirmata aprobarea cererii si urmeaza sa finalizez formalitatile in cel mai scurt timp, odata cu depunerea juramatului.

Am fost foarte multumit cu serviciile oferite de 1st 4Immigration, compania are o comunicare excelenta, profesionala si prompta pe e-mail, mi-au fost oferite toate detaliile si explicatiile cerute pentru a putea sa obtin documentele necesare aplicatiei si consultantii lor cunosc foarte bine legislatia relevanta. Anterior avusesem o consultatie cu o alta firma si, nemultumit si surprins de analiza lor (ce ulterior s-a dovedit incorecta), m-am decis sa caut o a doua opinie - 1st 4Immigration mi-au prezentat o alta situatie, cea corecta, cu referire directa la legile in vigoare si m-am hotarat imediat sa fac cererea cu ajutorul lor. Alcatuirea dosarului final a fost facuta de catre personalul lor si a mers foarte repede, tinand cont de volumul mare de documentatie care trebuie sa acopere anii de rezidenta calificata in baza carora este facuta cererea. Pot sa recomand cu incredere serviciile 1st 4Immigration celor ce doresc sa aplice pentru cetatenia Britanica. Sincere multumiri intregului staff si lui (team) in mod particular, care s-a ocupat de dosarul meu! Numai bine!” 
Felix, Romanian national. Felix’s application was interesting because he had exercised Treaty rights in a number of ways: as s student, self-employed, a worker. So, we had to provide evidence of each activity and make a detailed cover letter explaining it all. Furthermore, we advised Felix that he did not need to have evidence of private medical insurance (comprehensive sickness insurance) whilst being a student because he did apply for a Yellow Card before 21 June 2011. This was the date when the EU rules were changed for students, making them “self-sufficient” and requiring to have medical insurance, which many didn’t. Moreover, this was applied retrospectively, including for those who studied before the rules changed! Fortunately, in this case we were able to claim an exemption. 

"The (Citizenship) ceremony went very well. May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the assistance given to me to obtain my citizenship."
This came from Brian, a national of Zimbabwe. We dealt with both Brian’s Citizenship and Indefinite Leave application prior to that. Brian had a UK Ancestral visa in the past, which allowed him to qualify for an ILR. A year later we applied for British Citizenship, which has now been successfully achieved!

"I've just got my British Citizen Certificate today (certificate of Naturalisation)  and I would like give a big thank you to your team for all your dedication with my application. My process wasn't simple, nevertheless you analysed, requested, reviewed and organised all my documentation very carefully in order to make my application successful. Your were  very quick replying to any of my enquiries and I do believe her work was essential to make my application successful regardless of my odd situation. I highly recommend 1st 4Immigration, they are very responsive, competent, professional and have a lot of experience.” This came from Guilherme, a Brazilian national who is married to a Portuguese national. We made an application for British Citizenship without applying for permanent residency first. This worked because non-EEA spouses of EEA nationals gain their permanent residency automatically from the law, based on the EEA spouse's 5 years of working in the UK. Once submitted to the UK visas and Immigration at the Home Office, the process took only 1 month! 

“Thank you for all your help with my application for British Citizenship. It was a real pleasure dealing with you; I always found you to be very professional and courteous. You kept me informed throughout the process without me ever having to chase you for information. Your employer (that’s us – 1st 4Immigration!) should feel very proud to have such a team as you are truly an asset to the company.” These lovely words came from Sanja, a South African national who started her stay in the UK on a Tier 2 work visa and then switched to a Spouse visa (also through us) when she married a British Citizen. That was under the old rules (before 9 July 2012), so after the 2 years we were able to apply for Indefinite Leave for Sanja and later for British Citizenship once Sanja has obtained an appropriate permission from the South African authorities in order to keep dual nationality.

"1st 4Immigration understand what good quality client service is all about. My application to become a British citizen became a step closer today when I received my invitation to attend the Citizenship Ceremony. My application was a complex one which required me to go back as far as 1986 for records before electronic data existed! Your adviser guided me through the process; her knowledge of the application process was invaluable as she knew how, where and who to contact for documents dating back so far. She also diligently recorded 5 years worth of travel…. given that I travel sometimes as many as once or twice a week this was a testament to her perseverance, having eye for detail and recording it accurately. She was extremely responsive and diligent in all that she carried out and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to her who will be going through the same process. As I said, she exemplifies excellent client service! Many thanks." Sally, Australian national

"When I applied for UK citizenship, I was aware of the lengthy wait time for processing new applicants through the Home Office in London. For years, I was hesitant to submit my application knowing I would be required to surrender my current US passport for an uncertain time period. As I travel abroad frequently, I couldn’t afford to be without my passport for an extended period of time. Via a bit of research online, I came across the services of 1st 4Immigration. Following my inquiry, I was immediately put in touch with one of your Immigration Advisors and she helped expedite my application by certifying a copy of my US passport. Surprisingly, via the exchange of overnight postal services, I was only without my passport for approximately one week before it was returned to me. Additionally, you prepared all of my additional application documents and submitted them to the Home Office in London for review. I am delighted to say that within brief period of 3-4 weeks, I received notification from the Home Office that my application for citizenship had been approved! I sincerely appreciate the professional support and guidance provided by  1st 4Immigration services. You were consistently prompt to reply to my questions and advice on procedural concerns. I would highly recommend 1st 4Immigration Ltd to anyone requiring their services. You made the seemingly tedious application process quick and worry free. I sincerely appreciate their support, and for this reason, working with 1st4Immigration Ltd was well worth my time!" Stephanie, American national, who made a UKM application on the basis of being born before 1983 to a British mother.  

"It was much appreciated to receive prompt replies to all my questions and emails. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other applicants. Thanks for your and your team's expert help and advice throughout the process. It turned out to be less stressful than I had expected! Thank you so much." Martine, Belgian national

(In Romanian): "Imi doream ca un expert sa se ocupe de aplicatia mea pentru cetatenie si dupa citeva cautari pe internet, am descoperit 1st 4Immigration. Prima convorbire cu Russell m-a convins imediat ca aceasta firma are deja o experienta vasta in rezolvarea cazurilor cetatenilor romani cu succes, exact ceea ce cautam eu. Si nu m-am inselat. Russell mi-a detaliat pas cu pas procedura de aplicatie pentru cetatenie si mi-a raspuns cu rabdare la toate intrebarile si nedumeririle. Mai presus de toate, mi-a inspirat optimism si reusita. Asadar, in mai putin de 8 saptamini de la predarea documentelor cerute, am primit un email de la 1st 4Immigration in care am fost informata ca ce a fost mai greu a trecut... Aplicatia mea fusese aprobata de catre Home Office si dupa numai o saptamina am fost in posesia certificatului de cetatenie/naturalizare. Cu satisfactie pot sa spun ca la momentul redactarii acestei caracterizari, astept eliberarea primului meu pasaport britanic. Multumesc din suflet lui Russell si firmei 1st 4Immigration pentru expertiza si profesionalismul de care au dat dovada in solutionarea cazului meu. Sunt sigura ca fara dinsii m-ar fi costat multi nervi si stress sa ajung la acest rezultat". Loredana, Romanian national. We do not speak Romanian ourselves but believe the above is positive!

"A massive thank you to 1st 4Immigration team for the great support on my way to British Citizenship. Always very responsive, I didn't have a single question unanswered. My requests were dealt with precision and professionalism, and very often outside normal working hours. Time was crucial for me and the team managed to organize everything within the time limits. So, thank you team 1st 4 Immigration! It was a pleasure working with you!" Elena, Bulgarian national. Elena happened to study and work in the UK for about 6 years. She secured a Yellow Card as a student which meant she qualified under the Transitional Arrangements and did not need medical insurance. Elena then secured a Blue Card and has been working as an employee and self-employed. Elena was also married to a UK citizen which meant we had to only examine 5 years of exercising Treaty rights in the UK (and not 6 years).

"Thanks a lot for all your support! I really appreciated your prompt replies and orderly approach throughout my citizenship application process. All ran smoothly and quickly.''  Ms S, Romanian national who applied for British Citizenship through us in the beginning of October 2013 and the application took only 5 weeks at the UK Border Agency.

"Natalia....OMG... Best news ever!!!! Wow!!! I'm so happy! Thank you ever so much, you don't know how much I appreciate your help!" Greta, Romanian national

"Thanks so much for all your efforts and excellent service. This had all been incredibly pain free and easy and your professionalism and attention to detail much appreciated. I will recommend you to everyone and I know who needs these services (have already done so)". Ms V, Romanian national. In this case our client spent more than 6 years in the UK while exercising European treaty rights as a self-employed Romanian national. We advised that Ms V did not have to apply for permanent residency (a lengthy application which requires to submit original passport) but could apply straight for British Citizenship, which does not require sending original passport and in this case was approved within just 3 weeks.

"Thanks so much to 1st 4Immigration team! You have done very good job and I thank you all for smart service." Tatiana, Russian national. Applied for Citizenship on the basis of marriage to a British citizen.

"This is great news indeed! Thank you for your great support and help. I should certainly recommend you to those seeking a visa or citizenship advice." Vladimir, a national of Russia. Vladimir made an application through us for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in 2009, under HSMP Judicial Review category. This year the time came for him and his family to apply for British Citizenship, so he asked us to help once again. We handled his application and it was approved relatively soon just after 1 month"

"I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve attended citizenship ceremony
and feelings were overwhelming. I’m so grateful for your involvement in to my case and all it happened because you have been so amazing in your efforts and scrupulous work.

"Prompt response, professional team, excellent support. Definitely recommend!" Marija Serbian national. 

"First class service!!! I'd highly recommend them for anything related to immigration matter. Highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Thank you, All (and especially Jules)!" Albena, Bulgarian national.