Spouse Visa: entry, switching, extension, permanent residence and settlement in the UK.

Family visas are one of the main visa categories we work with, as the founder, Natalia Andrews, experienced this immigration route herself. We have been – successfully – helping foreign spouses and partners of British citizens for almost 10 years (and that’s not counting our own experience). We have helped customers from the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, and many other countries for applications both in the UK and from outside the UK.

Since we happened to work under both old and new Immigration Rules (before and after 9 July 2012), we can offer a unique insight into how the Rules were changing over the years and how to make your application successful under the most recent rules. We specialise in detailed analysis of meeting the Financial Requirement (£18,600 threshold), more on which below.We have had so much successful experience that we have also been offering professional training to other immigration advisers and solicitors, and our training is accepted as part of compulsory professional development.

You can apply for this visa on the basis of your marriage to a UK citizen or to someone with permanent residency status on the UK. Most commonly, we are approached by a British husband or wife, who is applying to sponsor a foreign spouse/partner to settle in the UK, often accompanied by the partner’s child. It is also common in our practice for a British-foreign couple to be returning to the UK together, after living or working abroad, such as in Australia/New Zealand, USA/Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and also Russia (we can also read Russian-language documents).

For detailed advice the best way to start is to book our Advice Session. You can also Contact us or read our Testimonials page.



We can help with preparing your application, including the online visa application form; check your documents, original or scanned copies, depending where you/your sponsor or documents are; write a cover letter and generally guide you throughout the application process, so you would have someone to turn to with all your queries. At the end of this process the applicant (who needs a visa) will have to submit all the documents, and biometrics (fingerprints), to a British Embassy or visa centre in the country of residence. We always say: “It is not difficult to hand over the papers, the challenge is to have the rights documents on the day!”

Although the application process is similar or the same in most countries, there is a different process in the USA (fingerprints are submitted to the US authorities), Nigeria, Gambia and some other African countries as well as some Caribbean countries (fingerprints – to a local UK visa centre, documents – to the UK Home Office).  


SWITCHING from another status:

Although we often say “switching” (and it even appears on some Home Office policies), it is not a legal term. It simply means changing a visa category while in the UK, as opposed to leaving the UK and applying abroad. Examples: switching from a Tier 4 Student visa or Tier 5 visa.  

Here we can prepare your application, i.e. advise on the documents, complete visa application form, make sure your documents are in order, and then submit to the Home Office on your behalf, using postal or same-day service. You can read more about benefits of using Same-day service here.



Extension is another unofficial term we (and the Home Office) use. It means extending your stay in the UK in the same category, such as Spouse visa extension after the initial visa. We provide “one-stop shop” services, as described in the Switching section above.



Also known as PR and ILR, this is the last step in the visa route for spouses and partners (last before British Citizenship). Again, we provide “one-stop shop” services, and this application can be also be submitted using same day service if you need to have a decision (and your passport) promptly.


FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT (£18,600 threshold):

We at 1st 4Immigration have extensive experience and expertise (that's why are 1st) with assisting with all types of cases involving the £18,600 threshold as well as exemption from it (not to be confused with Exception). Employment, including variable earnings and combination of both partners’ income, savings, pension and various combinations (i.e. employment income from one partner and savings from the other, pension and savings etc).

We have particularly in-depth expertise of assessing income of self-employed people and business owners, we are immigration entrepreneurs after all! Terms like Corporation Tax Return, Dividends or Self Assessment are very familiar to us. We have vast experience with all types of cases for self-employed people: a sole trader (self-employed in HMRC terms), a limited company owner (a company based in the UK or overseas), a partner in a partnership or LLP, including a contractor / freelancer, working through an agency or umbrella company - you name it, we've done it!

In fact, if you Google "spouse visa self employed" our posts are likely to appear at the top, above the official Home Office links.

For detailed advice the best way to start is to book our Advice Session. You can also Contact us or read our Testimonials page.