Same-day Premium Service

Same-day Premium Service is offered at the Home Office facility in Croydon, South London.

1st 4Immigration is authorised to submit clients' visa applications using this service, we are accredited by the Home Office as a representative company in Croydon. Same-day service is by appointment only, which we can book up to 6 weeks in advance, usually it can be as soon as within next 2 weeks.

Benefits of Same-day service: useful if you need to travel abroad and cannot be without your passport. In our opinion the main benefit is, although more expensive, it allows you to know result right on the day, including if there are any problems, rather than waiting for 3-4 months postal service and then possibly being told there is a problem or even that application has been refused.

Same-day service is available to those clients who are already in the UK and applying to extend their stay or to switch to another visa category. Under the current procedure the Home Office requires a full official Home Office fee to be paid at the time of booking an appointment. We can also book an appointment in other Home Office facilities, such as Liverpool or Sheffield, although in such cases we will prepare the case (check everything etc) but the applicant would have to submit the documents him/herself. If we book an appointment in Croydon (London) then we will provide the full service, including accompanying the applicant on the day and submitting the case on his/her behalf.

The following categories can be submitted on same-day service:  

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement) for those holding a Tier 1 General, Tier 2, Spouse / Partner visa, Ancestral visa and from April 2015 also Long Residence 10 years. ILR based on other categories, such as Humanitarian Protection or European law applications, can only be submitted using a postal service (we can assist with postal applications too) and can take up to 6 months.
  • Tier 2 sponsored work visa, including extending Tier 2 visas, switching from a Tier 4 Student visa, changing employer (extending Tier 2 to work for another Sponsor).
  • Tier 4 Student.
  • Spouse/Partner visa - for spouses and partners of UK citizens and of UK permanent residents. Same-day applications inside the UK including switching from a Tier 4 Student visa, from a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme YMS visas and switching from a Tier 1 or Tier 2 visas. Spouses and partners of EU/EEA (non-UK) citizens can only apply by post (we help with postal too).
  • PBS Dependant visa for family members of 'Tier' visa holders, such as if your partner is switching from his/her own visa (ie PSW to Tier 2 Dependant) or if you had a child born in the UK. Or if main PBS applicant recently obtained an ILR but partner did not meet residency rule for an ILR and now have to extend a Dependant visa. 
  • Extension of an Ancestral visa.
  • Extension of a Discretionary Leave to Remain if you were given  the first leave in this route before 9 July 2012 and it was for 3 years. Also, permanent residency after 6 years on Discretionary leave. Those who were issued a Private Life or Family Life visa for 2.5 years, which replaced Discretionary leave in July 2012, can only apply by post (we assist with the postal applications we as well).
  • Visa extension for Domestic Workers who had a 1st visa before 6 April 2012.
  • Transfer of an Indefinite Leave to Remain to a new passport, such as when the old passport was lost or when an existing ILR is on a separate piece of paper.
  •  Replacement of a Biometric Residence Permit, ie a replacement of your visa card, if you lost it.