Resident Labour Market Test - advertising a job under Tier 2 category

Resident Labour Market Test, commonly known as ‘advertising the job’, is a process where Tier 2 Sponsors (employers) have to advertise a job to the settled workers to justify why they need to employ a foreign national. In other words, foreign workers are supposed to fill the jobs which are not filled (or cannot be filled) by the people who are already in the UK, so the migrants are not taking the jobs which can be filled by the settled workers.

When does the Sponsor need to advertise the job?

Generally, Sponsors are required to advertise the job in all cases but there are a few exceptions.

Examples of exception (when employers don’t need to advertise the job):

- The migrant is extending a Tier 2 General visa to work for the same employer (but not changing employer).

- A job is on a Shortage Occupation List.

- A migrant is switching from a Post-Study Work visa to a Tier 2 General.

- A migrant is switching from a Tier 4 Student visa and has completed a degree in the UK.

- A migrant is offered a salary of £153,500 per annum.


Resident Labour Market Test and annual limit are not the same thing and not connected.

Resident Labour Market Testis a requirement to advertise a job to the settled workers. Annual limit is the total limit of Tier 2 General applicants accepted from outside the UK, these are the ones which require a restricted certificate of sponsorship,  known as a restricted COS.

It is important to remember that these are the 2 different things. In some cases they both apply to while in others only one (or neither) applies.

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