Fiance / Fiancee Visa

A Fiancé(e) visa, also known as a Marriage visa, is an alternative to a Spouse visa, and can be used by a foreign partner to come to the UK to marry their British/settled partner and remain in the UK with the view of settlement. (Fiancé is a man, fiancée is a woman, so an American man, applying for a visa to marry his British partner, would be applying for a Fiance visa).

If you are considering marrying your partner and living in the UK together after that, you would normally have a choice of a Spouse visa or a Fiancée visa. In former case, you would need to be married first (usually outside the UK) and then apply for a Spouse visa to come to the UK to be with your British/settled partner.

A Fiancée visa is issued for 6 months and allows to come to the UK, to marry your British/settled partner within 6 months and then apply for a Spouse visa inside the UK (or if you prefer, outside the UK). After that the process is the same as for those on a Spouse visa, so a Fiancée visa is an extra step, extra application etc but it does allow for the marriage to take place in the UK. Fiancée visa cannot be extended beyond 6 months, so you have to be sure you'd like to marry this person!

A Fiancée visa does not allow to work in the UK, however, once you have secured a Spouse visa after that, it will allow working. If you wish to speed up the process, you can apply for a Spouse visa inside the UK, using Same-day service.

Even though this visa is issued only for 6 months, its requirements are mostly the same as for a Spouse visa. It means you, or more commonly your Sponsor in the UK, have to meet the same Financial Requirement (£18600 income threshold) as you do for a Spouse visa, and then meet it again when applying for a Spouse visa. “Again” can be in the same way as before or using a different source of income as long as that source is permitted by the Rules. You can read more on the Financial Requirement here on our Spouse/Partner Visa page.


This application can only be made from outside the UK, so we can help with preparing your application, including the online visa application form; check your documents, original or scanned copies, depending where you/your sponsor or documents are; write a cover letter and generally guide you throughout the application process, so you would have someone to turn to with all your queries. At the end of this process the applicant (who needs a visa) will have to submit all the documents, and biometrics (fingerprints), to a British Embassy or visa centre in the country of residence. We always say: “It is not difficult to hand over the papers, the challenge is to have the rights documents on the day!”

Although the application process is similar or the same in most countries, there is a different process in the USA (fingerprints are submitted to the US authorities), Nigeria, Gambia and some other African countries as well as some Caribbean countries (fingerprints – to a local UK visa centre, documents – to the UK Home Office).  We can of course guide you on the process in your country of application.

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