Immigration Advice for EU/EEA citizens

Citizens of European Union and Switzerland have a right to come and live or work or study in the UK without restrictions. Bulgarian and Romanian citizens do not have any restrictions on working in the UK from 1 January 2014, below you can find a link to the page describing the restrictions applicable during 2007-2013 (still need to show compliance if you are applying for permanent residency or British Citizenship).

Exception: Croatian nationals have the same rights as all other EU/EEA nationals when it comes to studying, being self-employed etc but need an authorisation to be able to work (as an employee for a salary).

After 5 years of being here as a worker or self-employed person, a student or a self-sufficient person, an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen can apply for a status of a permanent resident. There is no obligation to make this application but those who wish to apply for British Citizenship in the future must do so (new from 12 November 2015). 

Information for Bulgarian/Romanian citizens click here

Information for family members of EU/EEA citizens, especially for family members who are non-EU nationals themselves such as an Algerian spouse of a French citizen, please click here.

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