Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa - Extensions

After all the hard work trying to secure the initial visa, it is actually just the beginning! You now have 3 years to:

  • Register or buy a business in the UK within 6 months.
  • Invest the funds (£200,000 or £50,000 depending on your category) – and simply transferring the money to your business account does NOT represent investment! Paying yourself a salary or investing into property also does NOT count.
  • Create 2 jobs for settled workers, each job lasting for 1 year. Please contact us for an Advice Session or Compliance Service on who are considered as ‘settled workers’.


After the initial visa for 3 years, and having met all the requirements during those years, you can apply for an extension for further 2 years. This is where you would need to supply evidence of creating the jobs, investing the money and other requirements of the Rules (and they do change from time to time).


In most cases, it takes 5 years on this visa, and having met all the requirements during the 5 years. There is an accelerated route – 3 years - for those creating businesses with a high turnover or a high number of jobs.

We offer the following services for Entrepreneurs:

  • COMPLIANCE SERVICE while holding an Entrepreneur visa. Here for a yearly fee we help Entrepreneurs to comply with the Rules (and changes of the Rules) while they are holding a visa. For example, after the 3 years of an initial Entrepreneur visa you have to register a business within specific time limit, create 2 jobs for certain types of people and for the duration of 12 months for each job. If one of the jobs has not lasted for a year, or if several jobs do not make up to a year, or if a job was not for a settled worker, then you won’t be able to secure a further extension in this category after the initial 3 years. That’s while you are already risking £200,000! When the time comes to extend your visa after 3 years, you would be ready. 
  • ADVICE SESSION which is a one-off session, either over email or at our office in the City of London (near Monument Underground station).
  • VISA APPLICATION SERVICE when applying for an initial Entrepreneur visa, for an extension or for permanent residency. Here we advise on what documents are needed (such as to prove investment of £200,000 or to prove the created jobs), check the documents are in order, help with the forms and generally, guide you throughout the visa application process and representing you with the application to the Home Office.

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